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Author Topic: ASoIaF: Blurb - Alternate History / Westerlands / House Banefort  (Read 40 times)

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Alternate Timeline: This campaign is set while King Robert Baratheon is still alive (the start of the Game of Thrones TV show and the start of the books).  Things will be different from the books and show but we will see how much so as the campaign moves on. 

Characters: Your character is either an heir to House Banefort or loyal to that house. 

Location: Set in the Westerlands of Westeros at the location of The Banefort (on the shore).  It is very close to the Iron Islands, and to Tully land, and is under the protection of the Lannisters.

Mature Topics: There may be a few mature topics that spring up from time to time, but we will try to "fade to black" most of the more intense ones. 

Recent Developments: The Lord of House Banefort Quenten Banefort has recently murdered most of his children and many of his high ranking servants.  He drowned them as a sacrifice to The Drowned God of the Iron Islanders. 

Your house is the only house on the mainland that serves this god, but many of the servants serve The Old Gods or The Seven.  Due to the Lord's recent actions your House's position has been weakened, and many other houses think your House is cursed or strange. 

Quenten Banefort was captured by House Bracken of The Stone Hedge at the behest of King Robert Baratheon of The Seven Kingdoms.  Quenten is currently awaiting trail in the dungeons of The Stone Hedge, but many think that drunk King Robert has forgotten all about the crimes.  House Bracken serves House Tully, and The Lannisters are not happy that the King asked a rival house to come into their lands to acquire Quenten by force without their leave.  King Baratheon has a severe hatred for all things Targaryen, and it may be for this reason that he took interest in having the Lord imprisoned after his murderous crimes.  Your house has rumors of having some old Targaryen blood in its veins.


They may not admit it openly, but others fear the military might and slightly strange mannerisms of your family.  Even the Lannisters do not trust your family, as they have also recently been found of raiding with the Iron Islanders.   

Old Town will no longer send House Banefort any Maesters since the last one was murdered, so to fill the void a disgraced one has arrived.  No one knows how he even know of the vacancy.

Quenten hired several mercenary / sell sword companies in the last several years.  No one is sure what he was planning on doing with them.  He hired the Bright Banners, and the Stormbreakers.


GM Style
I like when players are pro-active, move the emerging story in new directions.  I'm all about actions and consequences (both good and ill).  I tend to be more sandboxy, but I will introduce possible plot threads to pull from time to time. 

As a GM I always reserve the right to say "No" but I try to use it as infrequently as humanly possible.  I also try to use the phrase, "No, but..." too, to sort of steer an idea closer to something that fits the campaign better.  I also try to be flexible with how I run things.

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ASoIaF NPCs Version 6 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5q-SrbFhJetNm1kLXVZbE1FeDQ/view?usp=sharing

ASoIaF Castle https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5q-SrbFhJeteGxjeXQyMXFubHM/view?usp=sharing