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Author Topic: ASoIaF: Posting Consistency & Color  (Read 58 times)

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ASoIaF: Posting Consistency & Color
« on: May 06, 2017, 12:19:18 PM »
Posting Consistency & Color

Hello everyone.  When it comes to posting, let's try to be consistent.  ;)  We will get there eventually I know through repetition.

Character descriptions, actions, etc. are just in regular font and regular standard text.

When it comes to OOC stuff, please use the OOC thread if it is anything in depth or length.  If it is short & sweet then posting in the IC thread is alright.  When you do that in the IC thread though, make it red.  This should be the only time you use red.

Try to put dialogue in "quotation marks", and color it blue.  That way it stands out a bit.

People have been doing good with posting their character's name at the top, but it shouldn't be colored.

I have seen a few people write some inner dialogue and that is fine by me.  Just try to put those thoughts in italics.

Example post:

Tywin Lannister

He enters the room with a flourish and an intensity that belies his every footfall.  He draws his sword in a threatening motion and stares at the heir of the house as if he had threatened his children with violence.

"You and your cursed lineage are a banner house, pledged to MY house, and you will start to behave as such or there will be less of you to be so defiant.  Remember what House Lannister does to those houses that step out of line..."

I should have brought more men with me, I underestimated how many of these foul bastards would be here this early.

OOC: House Lannister wiped out House Reyn and slaughtered every single member of that family.

Narrative Control

A question was brought up about how much narrative control you all should have as players.  I have played in a variety of ways so I'm probably too flexible when it comes to this, but that being said I should lay out some guidelines so you all know where the boundaries are and how you should post. 

I have no problem with you incorporating no-named servants into posts, their reactions, short dialogue from them, etc.  I don't have a problem with people describing a scene more or saying that there is wine or not in the room as an example.  Feel free to have more narrative control then perhaps a normal traditional game would have.  In my experience that takes some getting used to for some players, but after awhile it can be fun.  That being said, you don't HAVE to use it.  If that makes you uncomfortable, and you just want to focus on your own character that works for me too.  I can be flexible in that regard.  One limit is that if an NPC is named (on the NPC image as an example) I'll handle the dialogue, actions, etc.  I think that gives everyone some wiggle room and yet some boundaries too, so have fun with it. 
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