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Will sees no sign of pursuit. It occurs to him that, from what he knows of Heathcliff, the older lad is not likely to chase him far.

Will makes it to the rendezvous without further incident. Clo is sitting at the entry of an alley, eating a plump red apple with obvious joy.

"'Allo, Ropes," she says, smiling broadly, juice running down her chin. "It were a profitable diversion, it were!" she explains, holding out another apple for Will. He recognizes the apple as one she spilled when she was making the ruckus earlier.

"I nicked two more too, I did. Of course, I had to give one to that 'orrid old 'eathcliff. But I still gots one to spare. Did you 'ave any luck?""

As they share their spoils and talk, the clouds thin and the sun shines through, warming them and chasing the fog away. It's a fine day, for the moment, and the folk are out. Will sees a handful of likely marks moving through the streets, and Clo is going on again about that old building near Soho that she's convinced is haunted... and she's further convinced it's full of treasure.

It's not yet noon, and the possibilities stretch out like the freedom of the open sea.
Plague of the Raging King (RMSS/RMFRP) / Re: Dice Rolling Thread
« Last post by Just X on Today at 01:15:50 AM »
bow shot if needed followed possible crit roll

Rolled 1d100+102 : 22 + 102, total 124
Rolled 1d100 : 6, total 6
Plague of the Raging King (RMSS/RMFRP) / Re: Storytime (Main RP Thread)
« Last post by Just X on Today at 01:13:27 AM »
I know the feeling Enheduanna, but I'm not sure I see the light yet and probably won't until the 10th of March.


Will fire his bow, if the reloading penalty is less than -20.  If not he will wait until next turn.
Grobbitt and Jorgenson return from dropping the Drawf at the inn.  Quinn is testing the makeshift bridge ad Jeremiah looks on.  Abdullah stands near Bug about  65 feet from the bridge. 
Sir Reginald also looks to the émigré for support.
Plague of the Raging King (RMSS/RMFRP) / Re: Dice Rolling Thread
« Last post by Dalewarrior on Yesterday at 07:56:24 PM »

For Initiative, the Paladin rolled a 6 +14 in QU = 20.
Roll for the strike with the axe (50% or +62 parry), followed by a critical,
Rolled 1d100+62 : 58 + 62, total 120
Rolled 1d100 : 1, total 1
Plague of the Raging King (RMSS/RMFRP) / Re: Storytime (Main RP Thread)
« Last post by Dalewarrior on Yesterday at 07:51:48 PM »
Take your time, Enheduanna!

The Amorite will switch to axe and smite the undead at the top of the stair, so only one comes per round.

He'll *attack* using the Sling, with full OB and the maximum activity to shoot... at the easiest target he can see... as often as possible, in the deliberate phase. Although, with his "stunningly" effective OB of +7, unlikely to hit anything... In fact, I'm fairly convinced that the fumble range is actually greater... ;)
Plague of the Raging King (RMSS/RMFRP) / Re: Storytime (Main RP Thread)
« Last post by Enheduanna on Yesterday at 05:08:40 AM »
Does Klumenos have a clear view of U11?
Yes, just barely.  He’ll have +50 DB from cover.

OOC: DW, Just X and GB, if you’re attacking this round let me know.  Sorry for the slow pace this week, I’ve been swamped with work the past week and a half, but I think I’m finally out of the woods now.
Will continues running through the alleys and back streets of Whitechapel, first north then west, occasionally switching back and forth to make doubly sure the odious Heathcliff has not followed him; then onwards to his rendezvous with Clo.
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