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Bank them. The boys are going to need it in short order.

"Sorak!" he called as he raised the ship's shields, "our shields are up! Base shield modulation is two five seven point four megahertz!"
OOC: 3 Successes, vs. Difficulty 1. Success, plus 2 Momentum generated.

The yacht's sensors are...lacking, but Treyva is able to get a good reading on the compound's shield frequency.

OOC: Sorak is up.

Momentum 3 (2 pending, Treyva)
Threat 14

Spaceworthy Cover Advantage (Katarina, Cole, & Tobin for their backstory on why the boys are helping her)
Familiar Systems Advantage (operating or manipulating Schrep's Household Sensor Suite)
Showing Your Hand Complication (Niro knows something's going on, and any attempts to "play it cool" or deflect suspicion will only heighten it)
Intermix Muckup Complication (any attempt to restore full warp power on the yacht)
"Don't get too comfortable," he continued as the craft lifted from the tarmac. "If we don't make it through the shield, it's going to be a very short trip."

Okay, let's do this thing.

Treyva Reason (10) + Science (4) - D1 - TN14
Rolled 2d20 : 1, 13, total 14

Ship assist - Sensors (7) + Science - TN8
Rolled 1d20 : 13, total 13

Let's be nice....

The Amorite accompanies his companions in the search for the herb. "Maybe near the river our endeavour shall be more fruitful."
Go caffeinate yourself. Will make the Science roll when I'm done with lunch.
You take Science and I take Engineering, Patrick?

D'oh! Never mind. Need more coffee...
OOC: 3 Successes vs. Difficulty 2. Success, plus 1 Momentum generated (and banked). 2 Intervals (total of 4).

Task completed just in time

The Sabotage Team
The guards outside are about to punch in the override code on the airlock when the yacht's engines roar to life and the small craft begins to lift off, blowing them to the ground in a rush of thruster exhaust.

The Surveillance Team
"It looks like supper will only be a couple more--" Schrepfermann stops short and tilts his head slightly, then suddenly turns and heads for the north-side porch. One of the two guards follow and they watch with expressions of shock as the sound of the yacht's engines powering up can be heard in the distance.

OOC: I forgot about Cole's recognition task for the familiar female guard. Insight + Conn, Difficulty 1.

A moment later, Niro and another guard (the one who left with him earlier) run in as Dietrich moves purposefully back to the dining area.

"Yup, someone's stealing the ship," he deadpans, not bothering to hide his frustration.

OOC: They're currently in a bit of shock and disarray, if you gents want to take the initiative...it'd be interesting to see if Tobin also fights like a scientist... ;)

The Sabotage Team
OOC: Time for the shield frequency challenge.

First, Reason + Science vs. Difficulty 1 (to determine the compound’s shield frequency), assisted by the yacht’s Sensors (7) + Science (1).

Once that's successful, Insight + Engineering vs. Difficulty 1 (to match the ship’s shield frequency to the compound’s), assisted by the yacht’s Computers (6) + Engineering (3). I changed this from Weapons, because the yacht is unarmed and doesn't have a Weapons System rating
Plague of the Raging King (RMSS/RMFRP) / Re: Storytime (Main RP Thread)
« Last post by Barrow on Today at 04:31:33 PM »

clears his throat and nudges Klumenos. He discretely gestures towards Murdus. “He was talking about him...” he mutters sheepishly, hoping Murdus won’t hear.
"Hang on to something," Treyva said over the intercom. "It's time to go!"

I'll take it. The Momentum I just generated can go back into the pool to pay for the die I bought....
She can take over later; we don't have time for the swapout, I don't think. Besides, my Conn's a 3; I'm not a slouch.

Treyva - Control (10) + Conn (3) - D2 - TN13
Spend 1 Momentum for an extra die
Rolled 3d20 : 6, 16, 13, total 35

Katarina's Shield Assist - Engines (10) + Conn (3) - TN13
Rolled 1d20 : 11, total 11

Come on, baby, play nice....
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