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A disheveled Dwarf steps from the shadows. He is short, even for a Dwarf, and stocky; you can tell he was well built in his younger days. He is wearing a well worn tunic and leggings. His beard comes down to his waist and is adorned with several gems and at this moment twigs as well.

He addresses Krinso directly, "can you really make that happen?"
Tobin nodded in agreement. "I concur. Though I don't have much first-hand experience, I understand bars often are a useful source of information."
The Professor indicated to Doctor Kárpáti that he was finished with his line of questioning, for now, and invited him to resume his own line of inquiry.
Dark Magic (HARP/Classless) / Re: Dark Magic (HARP) IC
« Last post by Jaeru on Today at 08:46:45 AM »
The group runs and Auris plants his flag as a point where they will rally. The Easterlings, not sure what to do and who to follow now, stand there uneasy. When someone points out the reserve cavalry gallopping up on the hill, they regain some of their bravoure...but they look anxiously at the larger force gallopping up on the other side of the hill.

Meanwhile the Gondorians from the fort have reached the gate. They advance outside, but after seeing both cavalries rushing up the hill, they double back and start closing the gate. Meanwhile the archers on the tower continue shooting at you but miss. Three archers are now shooting at the group and one is keeping Falco under fire. (But he too misses).

Then Nameless pulls out his horn and sounds it once more. This quickens the Easterlings, but also the Gondorians on the other side. Perceptive people will see black dots on the horizon gathering and moving towards you, but they are well beyond the Gondorians and not moving at stampede pace.

Ooc: please declare actions...the cavalry will connect in 5 rounds with the group on the road stuck in the middle. (@nameless: you can take a shot at the archers in the tower, as they are in range...do beware that they have cover bonus)

Dark Magic (HARP/Classless) / Re: Dark Magic (HARP) IC
« Last post by Jaeru on Today at 08:36:11 AM »

@Auris: you have created just one undead...the fallen guard you killed. He’s still with you.
@Nameless: you don’t see the herd anymore as they crossed the hill, but you can use the horn again and likely they will still be in reach
@Jylnath: You don’t have horses with you...you came to the fort hanging from the cows that stampeded.
Round Six, Against the Harpies
Initiative Order
25. Klumenos
24. Indattu-Inšušinak
22. Lahmum
21. Yarlaganda
10 Harpies
0. Murdus
0. Lahwi-Addu
0. Nur-ili

Klumenos attempts to grab the frightened harpy
(OOC:  I’m going to treat this as Tackling, since that’s the closest analogue to what you’re attempting.  This is a Martial Arts - Striking skill.  Klumenos’s category bonus is 33, but he has no ranks in Tackling, so with the -15 penalty, that’s a +18)
Roll 70 + 18 OB +10 Deliberate -40 DB = 58
Result:  Miss!
Narrative:  The Minoan makes a desperate grab for the harpy’s leg, but she slips through his grasp.

Indattu attacks harpy 9.
Ambush Roll 72 + 115 Skill = 187
Result: Absolute Success! +31 to Crit.
Attack Roll: 83 + 89 OB + 15 Dagger +10 Deliberate -40 DB = 157
Result: 13 Hts, “E” Puncture Critical
Crit. Roll 21 + 31 = 52
Result:  +5 Hits, 1 round Stun, 1 round No Parry, -10 Penalty
Narrative:  The assassin strikes harpy 9’s leg, and she dies of hits.

The Lahmum attacks H3.
Roll 105 + 90 OB + 10 Deliberate -40 DB = 165
Result: 28 Hits, “BP” Critical
Crit. Roll: 45
Result:  +2 Hits, 1 bleed.
Narrative:  With a yelp, the hairy humanoid take a bite out of the harpy’s arm.

Yarlaganda attacks Harpy 2
Roll 31 +81 Skill +15 Sword +10 Deliberate -40 DB = 97
Result: 11 Hits, “B” Slash Critical
Crit. Roll:  18
Result: +2 Hits, +1 Round Must Parry, -10 Penalty
Narrative: The Gutian carves another slice off of the harpy.  She’s not enjoying this.

Harpy 2 is stunned, and badly wounded.

Harpy 3 lashes out at the Lahmum:
Roll 44 +30 OB +10 Deliberate -30 DB = 54
Result: Miss!

Harpy 5 takes flight and flees.  She’ll be 270 feet away from you by the start of next round.

Murdus takes his spear up.  The dim, diffuse light of the underworld partially lights the room on the other side of the portal.  It appears to be another large inner gate chamber, much like the one the party passed through to find the stairway.  It seems similarly devoid of anything of note.

Lahwi-Addu wonders at the presence of the demoness Lamaštum:
Roll 65 + 41 Skill +20 Easy = 126
Result:  Absolute Success
Narrative:  The paladin takes a moment to consider the harpies.  Could their “mother” be present here?  You’re doubtful.  While she might be a mother to demonic creatures such as these, Lamaštum is a solitary presence, and you can’t recall any instance where she’s been preceded or accompanied by minions such as these.  Even her connection to the underworld is tenuous; the demoness hates mankind, and preys upon the world of the living.  She’s most frequently encountered in the wastes, or at lonely, uncharted springs, or at crossroads in the middle of the night.  You can breathe a sigh of relief.

Nur-ili feels that he has done his part in this conflict, and chooses to save his energies for later.

Plague of the Raging King (RMSS/RMFRP) / Re: Dice Rolling Thread
« Last post by Enheduanna on Today at 05:38:11 AM »
Crit roll for Lahmum

Rolled 1d100 : 45, total 45
Plague of the Raging King (RMSS/RMFRP) / Re: Dice Rolling Thread
« Last post by Enheduanna on Today at 05:36:08 AM »
High OE roll for the Lahmum

Rolled 1d100 : 5, total 5
Treyva nodded. "As long as mine isn't alcoholic, I think a drink sounds like a splendid idea."
Plague of the Raging King (RMSS/RMFRP) / Re: Dice Rolling Thread
« Last post by Enheduanna on Today at 05:11:50 AM »
1) Murdus Initiative, 2) Lahmum’s Initiative 3) Indattu’s Initiative 4) Harpies’  Initiative, 5) Harpy 3’s spell, 6) Murdus's attack, 7) Lahmum’s Attack, 8) Indattu’s Ambush Roll, 9) Indattu’s Attack, 10) Indattu’s Crit.

Rolled 2d10 : 6, 3, total 9
Rolled 2d10 : 2, 8, total 10
Rolled 2d10 : 8, 8, total 16
Rolled 2d10 : 5, 5, total 10
Rolled 1d100 : 44, total 44
Rolled 1d100 : 92, total 92
Rolled 1d100 : 100, total 100
Rolled 1d100 : 72, total 72
Rolled 1d100 : 83, total 83
Rolled 1d100 : 21, total 21
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