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Author Topic: The Tale of the Fifth Overseer: Dramatis Personae  (Read 652 times)

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The Tale of the Fifth Overseer: Dramatis Personae
« on: October 07, 2014, 02:47:25 PM »
Terror in the Trollshaws:  The Tale of the Fifth Overseer is designed for six player characters starting at first level and one NPC.  Below is a brief summary of each.  Their character sheets and backstories will be posted separately in their own threads.  As the game begins, each player accepted into the game will choose one of the PC characters.

Dramatis Personae:

Isengrim (/EYE-zen-grim/) of Fornost – Dunadan Scholar, level  3 – NON PLAYER CHARACTER

Formerly a student at the Royal College of Fornost, Isengrim was politely asked by the scholars to leave the College and the City after it was discovered that his brand of archaeology was a bit… unorthodox.  Isengrim’s insistence that the study of history should be conducted on-site, particularly at ruins and burials, using detailed and scientific methods of excavation and cataloging, led inevitably to controversy at the College.   There are some who call Isengrim a grave robber, but he regards himself as a man of science.  And if in the course of his “research”, he occasionally comes across a treasure or an ancient artifact of great power… well, the pursuit of knowledge should bear some rewards…

Gilaen Gildarion (/JILL-ay-en  gill-DARE-ee-on/)  Noldor Elf Mage, level  1 – PLAYED BY SMEGFORBRAIN 

A gifted adept and former pupil of Cirdan the Shipwright, Gilaen left her home in the Grey Havens for a broader experience of life, and to learn more about the strange Dunadan folk, about whom her master Cirdan seemed to have little to say.  Her odd fascination with these strange but noble people seemed puzzling to most of the Noldor and Sindarin elves at the Havens, but Cirdan permitted Gilaen to leave and live among the Dunedain with his blessing.  Now, after only a few months, Gilaen has “gone native”, preferring Dunadan dress, language, and cultural mores over those she grew up with.  In traditional Edain attire, and with her ears cleverly disguised by a floral tiara, Gilaen appears to be no more than a highborn Dunadan lady – though of striking beauty.

Throk (/THRAWK/ ) son of GROK (/GRAWK/), Knight of Khazad-Dum  Dwarf Warrior, level  1 -- PLAYED BY THORINSBANE

A hotheaded and fell-handed warrior,Throk has always found it difficult to control his temper.  When a significant disagreement with a relative led to bloodshed in Durin’s Halls, Throk was stripped of his newly-earned status as Knight and forced to wear the crimson hand-print of blood (and shame) upon his breast until he should atone for the heinous crime of Kin-slaying.  Throk may only accomplish this atonement by providing invaluable service to a Dwarf of noble blood, of the house of Durin itself no less, and so Throk has been making for the Blue Mountains, where he has numerous cousins and uncles among the lesser nobility.   There he hopes for an opportunity to cleanse himself of the stigma, and to regain his status – and his honor.

Craddock Jorg (/KRAD-dock  Jorg/)  Beorning Ranger, level  1 -- AVAILABLE

One of the strange shape-shifting folk of the vales of the Anduin River, Jorg sometimes appears as a great, black-haired man with burly arms, and sometimes as a huge black bear.  Though his love for animals and nature is great, he is a ruthless enemy.  Jorg is possessed of that greatest and rarest of all blessings available to the Beornings – a vision from Waildanbair, the Spirit of the Great Bear himself.  In that vision, Waildanbair told Jorg to seek a mysterious relic called The Claw of the Bear, and gave him verses to guide him.  Jorg is skilled in the ways of woodcraft and of woodland creatures, and has journeyed across the Trollshaws with his pet starling Pinch-Beak, and in the company of Throk, in order to seek the meaning of the vision and the verses.

Clotilde Gorghirra (/klo-TIL-da  gor-GEER-ah/), Hillman Animist, level 1-- PLAYED BY JACINTO PAT

This bold daughter of famed Hillman shaman Gorghirric is a priestess of the Siol  Nunaw tribe.  Schooled by her father in the lore of herbs and of the Ancestor Spirits, there are some who would call her a witch.  But Wegec is the Hillman term, and it translates more correctly to "Cunning Woman" or "She Who Intercedes for the Clan".  Some weeks ago, on a vision-quest prompted by ill omens for the Siol Nunaw, in one of the many holy places of her people, Clotilde took the ritual Dreamsmoke -- a secret mixture of hallucinogenic mushrooms and weeds.  In her vision she learned of a strange visitor, hooded and cloaked, who arrived at the Nunaw yurts in search of her father Gorghirric, and who somehow spirited him away with the power of his words.  In the vision, Clotilde could not see the stranger's face, but he spoke with a distinct Dunadan accent – a sound only too familiar to the Siol Nunaw, who have been outlaws and rebels against Dunadan power for centuries.  When Clotilde returned from her vision-quest to find her father gone, she rode with haste to Anselm the Riverman's camp -- a nexus of underground information -- to seek word of him.

Weiric of Rhun (/WEE-rick of ROON/), Dorwinadan Bard, level 1 -- AVAILABLE

Weiric, the son of a skilled and important envoy  from the shores of the far sea of Rhun, spent many years accompanying his mother on her diplomatic missions.  When he came of age, he elected to remain in Arthedain, where his considerable skill as a musician, storyteller, and linguist could earn him a handsome living.  The diplomat's son is fond of fine clothes and jewelry, and there are some who consider Weiric a bit of a coxcomb.  Nevertheless, there are none who can deny his skill upon the psaltery and the lute, or the power of his exciting tales of heroic deeds.  Occasionally Weiric drinks too much wine and gets himself into trouble, but until lately, he's always been able to talk his way out of it.  When an unfortunate... misunderstanding... with an attractive older lady (who turned out to be the wife of a famous Dunadan nobleman) caused Weiric to lose his lucrative performing and translation jobs, things changed.  Desperate for funds to maintain his extravagant lifestyle, the gifted but now-impoverished bard has wandered to the very borders of Arthedain in search of… alternative employment.

Funkmaggot Ragsmokes (/FUNK-magit  RAG-smokes/)  Halfling Scout, Level 1 -- PLAYED BY JAERU

The youngest of sixteen children, young Funkmaggot always considered himself an outsider.  So it was no surprise to his parents and siblings that when they decided to emigrate to the Shire, Funkmaggot chose to remain in the Angle.  Neither was it a disappointment to them, because even at an early age Funkmaggot had earned his reputation as a sneak and an eavesdropper, as well as a liar and a thief.  Living hard taught him the bow; homelessness taught him how to be unobtrusive and observant; and as for his skill with picking pockets and locks, well, that can only be attributed to bad company.  But bad company had turned to worse when Funkmaggot found himself deeply in debt to The Hand, and the need for a significant windfall was never more apparent.  And for that, Funkmaggot knew, one needs capable, and preferably gullible, companions.
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