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Author Topic: The Tale of the Fifth Overseer: Weiric of Rhun's Personal Thread  (Read 2309 times)

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Re: The Tale of the Fifth Overseer: Weiric of Rhun's Personal Thread
« Reply #20 on: April 02, 2015, 02:10:11 PM »
A conversation between Weiric and Isengrim at the Last Inn:

Weiric poured out the cups again and held the empty bottle up into the light of the flickering fireplace.
“Empty,” he said sadly.
“That is soon mended, friend,” replied Isengrim.  He held up a beckoning arm to a serving lad, who rushed to the table.
“The same again, please,” said Isengrim, pointing to the bottle.  The lad nodded and trotted off, soon to return with the requested vintage.
Weiric nodded when he saw the label.  “Expensive stuff,” he said with a heavy sigh.  “Time was when I would not have counted the cost, but now…”
“Do not trouble yourself, please!”  interjected Isengrim.  “It’s my pleasure… no, no, it’s a token of my gratitude!  Twice I have heard you play, and twice enchanted am I!”
Weiric reached across the table and clapped Isengrim on the shoulder.  “You are a gentleman, sir,” he said merrily, “and a scholar!”  He raised his cup.
“To my dear friend Isen… um, er, I mean, Alain!  Yes, to my friend, Alain!  May his name be emblazoned in the pantheon of the Great!  The men touched their cups together; Isengrim thrust his too forcefully into Weiric’s, and blood-red wine from the cups splashed inkily upon Weiric’s fine fingers.  Weiric laughed.
“I’ve been taking account of you… Alain,” said Weiric as he set his cup down.  “Yes, I have."

“What do you mean?” asked Isengrim with a blank look.
“I mean,” continued Weiric with a serious look, “That you, my friend are a puzzle.  Now, don’t get me wrong!  I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that we are impressed with you, and glad of your fellowship.”
Isengrim looked up in surprise and wonder.
“Really?  No!  Do you mean that?”
“I do,” replied Weiric forcefully.  “You know you saved our lives.”
“What, me?”
Weiric laughed again.  “Yes, you, old man.  Don’t deny it!  Feigned modesty is an ugly thing.  You knew of the old Temple, didn’t you, and led us there?”
“Well, Master Throk went first…” offered Isengrim weakly.
“Oh, stop it,” interrupted Weiric.  “You knew it was there and that it would afford us safety.  None of the rest of us knew that.  And that’s not all.  History, Geography, Politics, Ancestry… even stonework, for pity’s sake!  You say you’ve never held a trowel, but you fixed our poor red-headed friend up fine, now didn’t you?  It’s a strange mix, a strange mix rattling about in your head, or I don’t know an Ab diminished from a G minor seven-flat-five.  Well, explain!  How do you know this stuff?  What was your father?  A scholar? A professor?  A wizard?”
Isengrim shrugged  and turned his gaze down.
“I had none,” he said quietly.
“Nor a mother, to my great shame,” answered Isengrim, still hanging his head.
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Re: The Tale of the Fifth Overseer: Weiric of Rhun's Personal Thread
« Reply #21 on: April 02, 2015, 02:11:33 PM »

“An orphan?” asked Weiric in surprise.  “What became of your parents?”

“I cannot say,” answered Isengrim.  “for I never knew them.  My earliest memories are of the Conservatory – that is, the orphanage in Fornost, that Lord Tarma established many years ago.”

“The same Lord Tarma who is the Captain of these Rangers of the North?” asked Weiric.   “The one whose man was slain by the Dancing Men?”

“Yes,” answered Isengrim.  “Lord Tarma, loyal Cousin to the King.  “He is a kind and merciful man, and has done many great works throughout the land.  All law-abiding folk love him, and cry his name with joy, and he held in higher honor even than the King, though not openly!  It was he who established the Conservatory, and a good thing, too, for the number of orphans swelled during the Plague.  At the Conservatory, all children are taught a trade, and to read and write.  At Lord Tarma’s urging, the King has made it law that any of the children who wish it are given full access to the Library attached to the Royal College.  That is where I spent my childhood, as I had no… playmates.  And now I think I have answered your first question, too.”

The men drank together in silence.  Weiric sat as if in deep thought.  At last he spoke again.

“Alain, old man.”


“Alain, how many books have you read?”

“Six thousand seven hundred and fourteen,” answered Isengrim automatically.  “It would have been fifteen, but I was… interrupted.”

Weiric nodded and finished his wine.

“You remember everything you read, don’t you old man,” he asked in a low voice.

“Oh, yes,” replied Isengrim, lifting his eyes. 

“Every word,” continued Weiric cautiously.  “Every tale, every picture, every page number.  With perfect recall.  Isn’t that so?”

Isengrim nodded.  “As if it were still before my eyes.”

“And that’s why you had no playmates, isn’t it, old man.  They hated you because you were different.  Didn’t they.”

Isengrim nodded and hung his head again.

“You poor devil,” said Weiric.
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Re: The Tale of the Fifth Overseer: Weiric of Rhun's Personal Thread
« Reply #22 on: August 06, 2015, 02:14:15 PM »
Revised CS, updated at the Rangers' camp after the interview with Tarma.
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