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If you are looking for an online community dedicated to playing real role-playing games, look no further.  Real Roleplaying is home to Play by Post gaming, freely downloadable resources and a vibrant, friendly, helpful community.  Real Roleplaying is a free to use site for the role-playing community.

Our remit is to cater to non d20 games, to give them a home and a voice online, and to provide access to role-playing for those who find it hard to get involved with a face to face group locally. This seems hardest for those of us with careers and families and/or those wanting to play specific games when the only RPG groups in their area are d20.  We have an active and vibrant play by post community, develop role-playing ideas, adventures, worlds and generally have fun.  So if you prefer to have role-playing as your emphasis rather than rule-playing or roll-playing step inside, pull up a keyboard and join the fun.
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You will find a large selection of Play by Post (PbP) role-playing games, all you have to do is sign up to the forums here and you can get involved. We run and play games using any non d20 system, some examples of systems run on the board are:

Aftermath (Fantasy Games Unlimited), Ars Magica (Atlas Games), Basic Role Playing (Chaosium), Blue Planet (Biohazard Games), Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (TSR), Bushido (FGU), Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium), Castle Falkenstein (R. Talsorian Games), Champions (HeroGames), Flashing Blades (FGU), Freedom Fighters (FGU), Fudge (Grey Ghost Press), GURPS (Steve Jackson Games), HARP (Iron Crown Enterprises), HARP SciFi (ICE), HERO (HeroGames), Heroes Unlimited (Palladium), Marvel Super Heroes (TSR), MechWarrior (FASA), Mutants & Masterminds (Green Ronin), New World of Darkness (White Wolf), Old World of Darkness (White Wolf), Paranoia (West End Games), Passages (Blue Devil Games), Pendragon (Chaosium), Powers & Perils (Avalon Hill), PsiWorld (FGU), Rifts (Palladium), Robotech (Palladium), RoleMaster (ICE), Run Out the Guns (ICE), RuneQuest (Chaosium), Savage Worlds (Pinnacle),  Serenity / Cortex (Margaret Weis Productions), Shadowrun (FASA), Space Opera (FGU), SpaceMaster (ICE), Star Frontiers (TSR), Star Trek (FASA), Star Trek: CODA (Decypher), Star Wars (WEG), Toon (SJG), Top Secret (TSR), Twilight 2000 (GDW), WarHammer 40k: Dark Heresy (Black Industries), World of Darkness (White Wolf), World Tree (Padwolf Publishing)

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  We also have an ever-expanding collection of downloadable resources. Including adventures, worlds and playing aids.   To access the download area you will need to be a member to the forums, which only takes a minute or two, and gives you access to both uploading and downloading files.

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