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Character Info
« on: October 21, 2005, 01:39:37 PM »
This is a space you can write about backgrounds and such for your characters.
This is mainly so that other readers can get info that might not be available to them otherwise.
Any player trying to take advantage of info about another player will be thwacked in the story.

This way there is a spot to store this info about your character that can be easily accessed by others.
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Character Info
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2005, 01:59:46 PM »

Name: Vashti Sana (Persian origin meaning "beautiful light")
Age: 32
Abilities: MAGE, psychic (medium), telepathic, telekinetic

Order of Hermes


Vashti was brought to America from Iran at the age of eight (8) years old after her parents had decided that she would succeed better in life with an American education. Vashti's parents were murdered on the city streets one night (Vashti was ten) while walking to their car after watching a theatrical performance. Vashti's grandmother (Azadeh) came over to America after the tragic accident to look after her. It was at this time that Vashti learned to understand her inborn abilities. You see, Azadeh was also a medium. During her childhood, Azadeh made sure that Vashti studied her schoolwork and made the best grades possible. After schoolwork was taken care of each night, Azadeh trained Vashti to use her abilities.

Vashti continued on to college and graduated with high honors. She obtained a double major in Biology and Chemistry (Master Degree). After finishing college, Azadeh passed away. It would have been a tragic time for Vashti, but she was still able to communicate with Azadeh whenever she felt the need. Vashti made a vow to use her abilities to help those in need and to try and make the dreary world that we live in a better place.


Sometimes Azadeh wakes Vashti up in the middle of the night with an important message, or just to talk. Azadeh is always available to offer advice and insight from beyond.

Vashti has not found the right person to share her life with (man or woman, she's bi-sexual). Being able to read the other person's thoughts has proven to be a set back in the dating game. Once she feels close to someone, she wants to tell him or her about her abilities. Vashti has tried this a few times, and each time the person thought that she was crazy and left her.

Most recently, Vashti obtained a grant for research through the University by which she is employed. Her current project is to find a method of genetically engineering common rice, a protein substance, and chemically created vitamins so that third-world countries will be able to get the nutritional values that they so desperately need without needing to consume large quantities of food.

Vashti has two love interests at present. One is a fellow professor at the university named Jason. The other is a girl from the coffee shop she goes to after work named Sara. Jason and Sarah do not know about each other. Vasthi does not have any close friends aside from her deceased grandmother.

Jason she has known since acquiring the position at the university. However, they are not close enough for him to know her secrets. They have been on a few social dates (as co-workers). They have had special moments of brief kisses, but nothing more has happened because of the potential for disaster since they work together.

Sarah and Vashti are romantically intimate, but it is a secret between the two of them. When Vashti goes to the coffee house after work, she acts as a patron would. When Sarah ends her shift, she meets Vashti at her apartment, but does not stay the night. They have known each other for about one year.

Vashti's routine is work, coffee, sleep, repeat. Vashti is frequently bored with her life. She feels that her psychic abilities are being wasted and misses the mischief that her telekinetic gifts can cause. Her heart yearns for adventure and drama.
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Character Info
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2005, 01:55:32 AM »
Kristopher "Robin" Greenbough, US Marshall
Age: 22
Abilitiies: Awakened Bastet
Eclectic Nordic Tradition

Robin (he hates his first name) doesn't know if the people who raised him were his parents or not.  (hence a metis raised by human parents) They certainly never acted like people who loved him, and he looked nothing like his younger siblings.  He was small, fair skinned and somewhat on the scrawny side with what can be described best as androgynous good looks.

Only his grandfather was ever kind to him and sheltered him.  He taught him the secrets of magic and the old ways of the ancestors.  This served to cause more conflict with the very fundamentalist christian area in which he lived. (Hence the intolerance to two out of the three Abrahamic Faiths)

His Grandfather also awakened him to his avatar very early- a great saber toothed cat who claimed to be one of the cats that pulls the Goddess Freyja's trap.  He found the avatar to be witty, somewhat spoiled (especially when he took the form of a young man or woman about Robin's age), but usually very helpful, even if annoying with his sarcastic comments.  His grandfather always hinted that there was something special about Robin but would never elaborate.

Two nights after Yule (a holiday only he and his grandfather celebrated out of the whole family) his grandfather passed from a sudden and massive stroke.  Robin was devastated by the loss.  His protector was gone, and he was confused by so many things.  The rage that threatened to boil over inside him was clashing with the confusion over his budding sexuality (he's bisexual) and he was afraid that it would set off a series of unfortunate events.

However, on the day they lay his grandfather to rest, his mysterious Uncle Bart appeared.  After several long conversations, Bart and Robin's parents decided that for a fee, Robin could go live with Uncle Bart.  (Robin later overheard his parents discussing that they thought Bart's interest was sexual.)  So a substantial amount of money was exchanged and Robin was sent to live with the kindly old man who would continue his education in both the mystic arts and for what he was to become.

Two nights after arriving in the large house outside of a major metropolitan area, Robin had his first change.  After a particularly frustrating bout with sorrow he found himself in the Crinos form of a large white bengal tiger (the white is a genetic mutation that scientist fear is going to become dominate and makes it harder for them to hunt- this is his metis deformity) Afterwards Bart explained (the following is his twisted upbringing flaw) to Robin about the changing breeds and that Robin was destined to serve the Goddess Freyja and stand between humanity and the wolves- especially those that called themselves the offspring of the hated Fenris.

The Goddess and all the Elderkin found they had a powerful new follower as he slowly learned to control his forms.  Robin discovered that although the full moon held no special attraction to him, the new moon was almost irrisistable in its call to change form.  (forced transformation)

Robin found that life with his Uncle Bart was as different from his old life as night was from day.  Here, he was not trapped in the crushing poverty of his folks back home. Here, his agile mind was encouraged.  Here, he didn't have to worry about being in hand me downs and not having money for lunch becase his father had lost it all playing poker.

He grew almost as close to his great uncle as he did to his grandfather.  Eventually he graduated from high school with honors and went on to college to study criminology.  However, forteen years of psychological abuse have taken their toll.  Robin doesn't always make the best choices of people to trust, and he sometimes get caught up in a fantasy world in an attempt to avoid difficult choices in the new world.

Over the years, he's come into conflict with a couple of Garou packs, but he's been both lucky and smart.  Not even a full grown tiger will take on a wolf pack, but when they are singled out, they are much easier to handle one on one, for no wolf can stand alone against a Bengal Tiger.

Uncle Bart has recently passed away leaving him financially very secure, but somewhat lonely.  He works now because he wants to, not out of any financial need.      He still honors the old ways and raises a horn to his honored ancestors every time he feels they need it.  

Now he's been assigned to the campaign city as the youngest US Marshall in recent history.  He's got a pretty light caseload right now, but something tells him that that is about to change.  He's trying to cope with his recent losses as well as find a direction for his life.

Currently he has no lovers, although there have been a few of both genders in the past.  He gets the impression that his Goddess is started to get a little peeved about him ignoring the sexual side of his life, and if he doesn't do something soon, she's liable to hit him upside the head with a clue-by-four.

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Character Info
« Reply #3 on: October 25, 2005, 01:57:07 AM »
EEEk!  Didn' mean for the character pic to be that big!  *blushes* can't figure out how to publish it at the top of the page like Becky did.

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Character Info
« Reply #4 on: October 25, 2005, 07:43:03 AM »
Character Name
Dylan Mac Gearailt (Dylan, son of Gerald)

- Dylan as in Bob Dylan
- Mac as Mcdonalds
- Gearailt, Gear as Jer from Jerry, ailt as alt (control alt delete), pronounced really quick

Dylan Mac Gearailt lives in constant paranoia, he thinks he’s crazy because everyone thinks and says that he is imagining things. While in truth he’s a mage (although he is unaware of this fact) who is able to create items from apparently nothing.

Competency and interesses
Dylan is a curious guy, always wanting to know what’s behind the next door. Often he also finds out what’s behind the door, quit simply because he always seem to have the means to get in. A key, a pocket knife or some wires, Dylan has a knack for making things, although he isn’t aware of it himself. Often he finds stuff on him he needs, but don’t remember even taking it with him.
Dylan also likes to keep things quit, not wanting to attract unwanted attention to himself, also a little afraid to be locked up in a institute (he believes he is a bit crazy).

Dylan doesn’t want to be noticed, so he dresses himself very plain: some jeans, a sweater and depending on the weather a coat. No bright colours or strange designs. He doesn’t wear any jewellery except for a watch.
He’s about 6 feet tall, short dark brown hair that always looks a bit messed up and has a stubbly beard. Overall he looks like a rough guy, medium build, which also contributes to the ‘leave Dylan alone’ cause.

Dylan keeps things very much to himself. He keeps conversations short and to the point. Too much human interaction could mean that people will find out that he’s crazy. If people did find out that he’s crazy, he probably would be put in an institute. He would do anything for that to not happen, from avoiding most human contact (except for Greg, see acquaintances) to taking prescribed drugs.
He wasn’t always like this, he use to be a pretty funny guy who liked to joke around with a lot of friends and was well known in the local pub. Dylan hopes to be that guy again in the future, when his medicine start to work.

Most of the family still lives in <a little town proximally a couple of hundred miles away from the city we play in> where Dylan’s dad (Connor) works as a bank director and his older brother (Patrick) at a fishing company. His mother (Sheila) is a typically housewife, taking care of his youngest brother (Gerry, who is about 16 at the moment). He haven’t spoken to the family since the ‘strange stuff’ happened and he moved to the big city (which is a couple of years right now).
There is also an uncle (Liam) of Dylan living in the city, but they haven’t met since Dylan moved to the city.

Dylan grew up is the small town < a little town proximally a couple of hundred miles away from the city we play in> where he and Patrick use to get in all sort of trouble. Both of the sneaking into farmer Johnsen’s barn, playing in the hay and eating Johnsen’s apples. The brothers were inseparable and things went from harmless to worse. Breaking into warehouses and sometimes offices but never taking anything. They were just testing themselves and went in for the thrill.
One time they went joyriding (Patrick being the older one obvious was the one who drove) and they crashed. Nobody got hurt bad, but as always when their dad found out (being part Irish), they were severely punished.
Already at a young age (Dylan was 16 years) Patrick got him into pubs where the brothers build up a reputation and soon they were in the centre of attention.
Four years later though, strange things started to happen. Occasionally when Patrick and he were up to no good, Dylan often had the tools necessarily to get into the place they tried to enter. Patrick only saw this as handy, but Dylan never remembered packing those tools or even having them. Not only that, but sometimes when they were in some place where they shouldn’t be, Dylan often thought something like: “I hope nothing falls or anything”. And off course it did. These things made Dylan quite scared of himself, he took off to the big city where he thought he wouldn’t be noticed that fast and he could get the help he needed.
He got himself a job as a courier, getting to know the city a bit, but after two years his dokter Jacobs forced him to stop working and use his welfare insurance. That was three days ago.

Obviously the character is a mage, which he doesn’t know.
Dylan needs to take the medicine three times per day according to the instructions.

Although at the moment Dylan is looking forward and his major goal is to become normal again. But all that can change when he finds out the truth. After that he may try to find others like him or use his ‘power’ in his advantage to get the things he wants. Whatever the outcome, he needs to learn to control is ‘powers’.

Weak spots
Patrick: Even if he is a couple of hundred of miles away, Dylan feels that he still have a strong connection with him.
Loneliness: Dylan needs to be, but also can’t be alone. He is used to have caring people around him, but now he believes that it’s dangerous for his freedom to have people around. That’s why he often goes to Greg.
Paranoia: Dylan thinks he can’t separate truth from fiction, therefore doubts even his own senses. He also doesn’t trust a lot of people, afraid they’ll put him away.

Greg: He has the nightshifts at the morgue in a hospital. Actually this is just a cover for his schemes. Mainly he deals in medicine that he let interns steal for him, but he would sell everything given he could get them (all the stuff you could get from a hospital). If he doesn’t have it, he would know where you could.
Dylan often goes to Greg (he operates from the morgue), pretending to be addicted to medicine. Actually he just wants the company and feels save around Greg because if something strange was to happen, he could blame the taken medicine.
Jacobs (jay-cops): He is ‘the doc’. Recommended by Greg, Dylan went to see him. Jacobs prescripted the medicine Dylan takes now. Dylan doesn’t know what to think of Jaycobs, he only wants to see him at night and doesn’t seem to have a real practice. But probably he’s for real because Jacobs rearranged his welfare and all.

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Character Info
« Reply #5 on: November 09, 2005, 04:48:47 AM »
Macklin 'Brutus' Maclintock

Mack as most of his friends know him, sometimes called Brutus in fun, is 6' 7" and around 320. As is obvious from his name, he has some Scottish ancestry. The name comes from Scotland, yet the majority of his heritage is Souix, from the group that fled into Canada after the battle of Little Big Horn. Part of his heritage comes from the Native American population in Alaska, and from that part of his heritage comes the blood of the wearbear. Mack's great grandfather on his father's side was Scottish and quiet wealthy. He had a library of great size, and Mack received a classical education through the resources that he left. Mack's grandfather on his mother's side was mostly Souix, but partly from the Native American population from Alaska and the islands offshore. He was very old when Mack's mother was born, reportedly, yet still retains his youthful look now. It is rumored that he was part of the Battle of Little Bighorn. He will neither confirm nor deny that rumor. He is a shaman of great power, focusing on life magic, and highly respected among the people who know him. He is also a wearbear. Mack grew up hearing stories early on about the warring clans and the pride of the Scottish clans before his great grandfather died, and heard some of those same stories from his father later. He also grew up hearing about the Souix warriors and their feats in battle. He also studied the arts of shaman with his grandfather, and learned to survive in the wilderness under all conditions. He learned to survive in the blizzard, to know what plants were good for what, and to run a trapline, and to hunt and fish. In short he became a survivalist and a woodsman of great skill. At the age of 14 he began to seek his spirit guide and his trial of manhood. He fasted for many days, and following the abandoned traditions of the Souix of old, rawhide thongs were threaded deeply through the muscles of his chest, and used to suspend him between two trees. He stayed there until the thongs tore through his flesh, releasing him to the ground. At this point he found his spirit guide, a cave bear, and experienced his first change into a wearbear, a Kodiak. During the years as he grew up he began to learn to control the transformations more and more with the help of his grandfather. He became a ghost in the woods, able to hide and to escape any detection. At 18 he chose to join the  Army and went into special forces. He was part of a unit, who he revealed his abilities to, after swearing them to secrecy. They have sworn never to reveal his secret. Having done his 8 years of active duty, taking many of his courses during that time, he is using his GI bill to finish out courses for a degree in environmental engineering.

At this point when he chooses to change form, in the man beast form Mack stands at 9' tall; in bear form, on his hind legs, he stands at 14' tall.

Mack is the guy who just doesn't get angry or rattled about things. He's steady in every circumstance he's been in. In times of danger and emergencies, things seems to be moving slowly around him, giving him time to think through and react. He's quick with word plays, so doesn't come across as dumb, just friendly and someone you want around when everything hits the fan. He gives off that sense of dependability and stability. If he ever does lose his temper, people tend to pay attention becaue it just doesn't ever seem to happen.

One reason for joining the swat team was to make it legal for him to keep the high powered weaponry around and stay up on his techniques, continuing education and all. He keeps a stock of personal fully automatic weapons, a sniper rifle, grenades, etc that seem to have found their way into his possession from his military time... as well as what he is equipped with from the swat team. Some demolition materials are included in this as well. He is still keeping up with his unit actively, and expects that they have similar caches in their own homes, or at least easily accessible.

It's not that he plans to use the stuff, he just doesn't want to lose any of his options...  Using his police status he continually carries a fully automatic weapon, even to school, but he doesn't advertise it. Campus security is aware that he is a member of the swat team and that he is required to be armed at all times. (At least two of them :P)
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Character Info
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Name: Lawrence Ashley Rahl
Birthday: May 1st, 1974
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 182 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Black, premature greying in the front.
Race: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Huntington Beach, California
Things to never call him: Lawrence, Princess, Leech
(VERY) Brief History:
As a barhopping rich kid in the mid 1990's, Lawrence (prefers to be called Ash) had it all: women, money, name it. He drove fast, lived hard, and didnt take any guff from anyone......

Until he met Neil Gerrick. A small time coke dealer with a sadistic streak befriended young Lawrence one evening with the promise of "a high you never come down from". Lawrence went with Neil, out to the Volkswagon Minibus parked outside. As he snorted line after line of free cocaine, he noticed that Neil was just staring at him, not speaking. A red glow filled Neil's eyes. He flashed his pointed teeth. After the fangs left his throat for the final time, Neil helped Lawrence up into his seat again. The taste of the drug dealer's blood came as a shock. Warm, glowing redness filled his soul with every swallow.

"There are monsters, you know..." Neil told him, short of breath from the effort. He continued: "They control this city from the top down. You now have the strength to destroy them, my progeny...."

As Lawrence killed the last of the sewer monsters, he felt the presence of morning. Finding a dark corner to hide in, he cowered from the meager light filtering through the city grates.

(fast forward about 1 year)----------> Lawrence has been engaged in a Clanwar, and has destroyed by his careful count= 19 vampire rebels. For his service to the Prince of Los Angeles, he is given the honor of replacing him on the throne, after the vampire secret service does away with the current leadership.

(fast forward about 6 months)---------> After meeting Mr. Todd Brannen, his life takes a turn for the bizarre. Gremlins, werewolves, dragons, and all sorts of crazy entities make themselves known to Lawrence. With the stress of running a city DOMINATED by a nefarious duo of Malkavian vampires proving to be too much for him, he gives control of the city to Mr. Brannen. In exchange, Todd takes him to the Pillars of Creation. Lawrence leaves this realm of existence.

(fast forward to present day)------> Lawrence has found his peace, and purged the vampiric spirit from his body almost completely. A small remnant remains, but with the loss of his weakness has come a loss of it's benefit as well. All that remain are his bloodlust (MUCH weaker) and an aversion to bright lights.

He has been studying his own soul for 4 years now, learning to do the things he saw Mr. Brannen accomplish. One day, he will return to Los Angeles to remove the burden from his good friend's shoulders.
Until that day, he will just wander the Earth.....Searching for something that he hopes is possible.

(as a side note, this is a character i have played for eijatriis over a tabletop. our kind Storyteller is the man that hooked me into roleplaying games. this character was a 5th generation brujah vampire with pretty much maximum stats. he was retired in 1996, and this will be the first chapter of the 3rd part of his life. lets make it an interesting one, kids!! )
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