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Author Topic: Newsletter for March 15, 2009  (Read 1368 times)

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Newsletter for March 15, 2009
« on: March 15, 2009, 11:34:34 PM »
Thanks to All RPGRM Members From the Grey Council

It's was a great year in 2008, especially the 4th quarter, as the number of new games started has taken off, and new members have been pouring into the site. The trend has continued into the 1st quarter of 2009, and we'd like to thank all of you for helping to make this place great!

There's a lot going on, so this is going to be a lengthy listing, but if you check below for "What I want to Play" you'll see a list of games suggested by players, looking for a GM. . .this has been highly successful in the last few months. . .nothing inspires a GM more than knowing theres a group of players passionate enough to be requesting a particular system/genre/concept to be run. . .so join one of the active games, or one of the open recruits waiting to start or if you're looking for something in particular, post a request into the "What I want to play" thread and see if you're not alone.

We currently have 40 active games on:

"The Gaming Table"

The Vienna Legacy (RoleMaster SS)
1930's Pulp ***Game of The Year 2007***

County Mordara (Powers & Perils)
After retrieval of the artifact Harp of the Winds and orchestrating a truce between the elves of Veil and the humans of Mordara, the PCs are now in charge of a lawless town.

The Journey to Selaset (RoleMaster SS)
Adventures in Taras

The Hunt for the Lost Zodiac (RoleMaster 2)
Fantasy / Renaissance (yes guns!) treasure hunt.

Shadows of a Fallen Age (RoleMaster 2)
Year 5 of the Age of Hope when old terrors begin to rise again to destroy that hope and plunge the world into darkness again.

A Glimmer of Hope (WEG d6 Star Wars)
An Adventure Set During the Formation of the Rebellion

Islands in the Raging Sea (RoleMaster Classic)
Fantasy. Riders from the Island of Kani set out to explore across a hostile ocean.

Phoenix: Reborn from the Ashes (SpaceMaster: Privateers)
SciFi Adventure in the GM's own universe

Echoes of Heaven (RoleMaster 2/Classic)
Set in Robert Defendi's Echoes of Heaven gameworld.

The fall and rise of Kutahesa (Rope)
Ninja / Oriental fantasy Campaign.

Sang Sur Mes Dents (Call of Cthulhu)
Sang Sur Mes Dents, or 'Blood on my Teeth' Gothic horror set in Victorian England

Explorer Corps (MechWarrior 1)
A space based, sci-fi game.

Dead Rising (Free-form)
The dead are not quiet in their graves! Zombie Survival Horror (Systemless)

Heroes of Nagato (Bushido)
Adventures in Feudal Japan

Rhodias: After the Fall (RoleMaster Classic)
Ruled by its former subjects and preeminent only in matters of the Jaddite faith, much of Rhodias lies in ruins. Both Church and Empire are divided within and threatened from without by the rising power of the followers of Ashar.

Marth Ice World (HARP)
Marth is a world that is a cold dying place, and you are unlucky enough to have been born there... The Gods have died, so even in death your wandering souls are not free to leave the barren cold wastelands.

WWII Supers (HERO / Champions 4ed)
Accidental Mutations, Secret Experiments, Aliens and Ancient Guardians are drawn into World War Two.

After The Hammer (Aftermath)
Post Apocalyptic survival

The Lost Realm (RoleMaster SS)
The land has been stable for many years but the loss of the gods is now starting to become more than just a simple loss. Are the gods being kept out or did they leave for some unknown reason. All the various lands have begun to fall into dark times, all but the mighty Breytillian Empire.

Cold Steel (HARP / Mongoose Conan Hybrid)
Adventure in the Hyborian World

Amnesia (Call of Cthulhu)
1920s pulp horror. A man inherits a house, and invites a few friends over to celebrate his birthday.

False Flags (Basic Role Playing)
Black Op's

Warriors (HERO 5th Ed)
Can the Warriors escape? (Based on the movie)

Sticks and Stones (Rope)
A stone age fantasy game

Space Opera (Space Opera FGU)
Rebuild the Star Empire after the fall. Collect star after star and persuade smaller empires to join, so that the Empire rises once again.

Firefly & Serenity (White Wolf)
This campaign will be based on the Firefly TV show, as well as the Serenity movie. I am using a rules-lite version of the White Wolf D10 dice pool mechanic from games such as Hunter, Vampire, and Werewolf. The crew will pilot and man a spaceship, and get involved in hi-jinx and thievery in the confines of Joss Whedon's setting, The 'Verse.

The End of The Line (Aftermath rules)
Wild West 1868

Cyber Evolution (Alternity)
Human desire to control their own evolution prompts first contact.

Bughunters (HARP Sci Fi)
Travel to exotic new worlds, see strange new life forms, and kill them before they kill you!

Catch & Release (Paranoia 1st Ed)
Team Building in Alpha Compex.

In the Name of France! (Flashing Blades)
Adventures in the 17th Century.

Mysteries of Dragon Pass - Part Deux (RuneQuest)
Ancient mysteries have awoken in the town of Jelmein, as the oppression of the Lunar conquerors is quickly leading to a conflict that will engage not only mortals, but even the gods themselves.

NCC 1798 - USS Discovery (FASA Star Trek)
The adventures of the crew of the USS Discovery, set just after Star Trek the Original Series and before the Star Trek movies.

Indigo Awakenings (PsiWorld)
Awakening from a long slumber, people are beginning to the promise and terror of a new era of human existence.

Road of Kings (HARP / Mongoose Conan Hybrid)
Adventure in the Hyborian World

Space Bounty (Free Form)
Bounty Hunting on the fringes of imperial space.

Dark Days in Chicago (World of Darkness)
Chicago has always been a town with bright spots and a dark underbelly. Now the darkness is spreading. When the Darkness touches and changes you will you rise above it and embrace the Light, will you be overwhelmed by the Darkness, or will you sell your soul to it. Characters start as human but will be changed during game play as Darkness touches their lives.

Vortex Chronicles: Harbinger (Spacemaster 2)
300 years from now, the Inter Corporate Consortium pushes the boundaries of Standard Humanity further out into the galaxy, splitting infinities in the name of Bizna.

Skip Tracers (Star Frontiers)
Bounty Hunting in the Star Frontiers universe. 

Bottom's Up! (HARP)
Intrepid Goblin "Volunteers" Must Reach the Tomb on top of the Mountain.

A number of these games are still open to new players, check out:

"Active Games Still Recruiting"

In addition we have 7 more games recruiting on:

"Recruiting for the Gaming Table"

Star WarsGame

Ra'kiin (GURPS)

MRQ: To Save a Nation

The Newton Tetrad - Harp SF in the Tintamar Universe

SciFi HARP Game

Pendragon Grand Campaign

Shadowrun 4E

In addition, there 13 game requests from players looking for a GM in:

"I want to Play"

I Want to Play Robotech
I Want to Play Dark Sun/RM2 or Dark Sun/MERP
I want to play Cyberpunk
I Want to Play Ars Magica
I Want to Play "Normal" People Accidentally Time Travel
I Want to Play Call of Cthulhu
I Want to Play Castle Falkenstein
I Want to Play Amber Diceless
I Want to Play Dangerous Journey: Mythus
I Want to Play Sanctuary / Thieves World
I Want to Play Mercenaries Spies & Private Eyes
I want to Play Changing Breeds
I Want to Play HARP

We started running board/tactical games on RPGRM in 2008, and we currently have 4 games running on:

"The Sand Table"

Star Trek: Starship Tactical Combat Simulator
Tactical Spaceship Combat

Diplomacy: First War
PbP version of the classic strategy board game.

2009 Fantasy Football League

Wacky Races - Car Wars
Autodueling with the classic "Car Wars" game.

And we're open to more tactical/board games at:

"Recruiting for the Sand Table"

To all those members who've been active in the last 6 months and created all the activity above, we'd just like to thank you for making this a great place. For those members who haven't been active lately. . . .jump back in, there's lots of different things going on, one of them is probably just what you're looking for.

Grey Council
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Re: Newsletter for March 15, 2009
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2018, 08:03:13 AM »
I would like to know about what these forums are about.