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The Secret Diary of Miss Clara Stanley - (Kitty Marlowe)
« on: September 28, 2009, 08:24:25 PM »
Here's your character thread KM

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Re: The Secret Diary of Miss Clara Stanley - (Kitty Marlowe)
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Hey Flash - I'm having real trouble getting hold of the rules, so I'll have to leave the technical stuff for when you're free to talk me through it. I'm going to get on with the questions anyway, just to make progress.

What is your Name?
My name is Miss Clara Elizabeth Ophelia Stanley, and I am almost eighteen years old.

Where were you born and where do you live now?
I was born on my father's estate in Calcutta, Bengal. That's in India. Now I am staying with Lady Denny in Munich, so that she can bring me out. It's ever so exciting!

What do you look like?
My hair is golden, although all the men seem to prefer dark beauties. I am afraid my head is not in the latest mode! Mama says I am well-figured, although my waist is not so small as some of the elegant ladies one sees in society, and my face is sadly freckled. Miss Evesham blames my faults of appearance on my 'wraggle-taggle upbringing', and says that a skin that has once seen the sun cannot be mended. *sigh*
[She looks a little bit like this picture.]

Describe your childhood and general upbringing.
Our house in India was very large and full of strange things that Papa had collected from all around the country, but I preferred the gardens, because the flowers were bright and brash and full of life. That was when Bertie still lived with us. I do not remember much about him, except that he would always complain about the heat and cry whenever a cow or a dog came near him. I suppose I should not say such things about my own family, and I know one should always love one's brother, but I have never missed him. When Papa was away, Bertie would make a fantastic fuss and try to break Papa's treasures, and then Mama would cry. Papa was away a lot, on business or exploring, and Mama was always crying, at night when she thought that I could not hear her.
I was five years of age when Papa told us that we were going to have an adventure. Bertie had been sent to school many years previously, and now chose to make his home in England with Uncle Frederick, and so Mama and I were alone in the house for months at a time. Mama threw parties and dined with friends almost every night, but she still cried when she came home. The last time, Papa was away for months and months, and came back suddenly in the dark when all the servants had gone to bed. Mama went down to meet him with tear-tracks still marking her face, and he swept her up in his arms like they were in a play. He saw me hiding behind the stuffed tiger and he picked me up and put me on the tiger's back. "Do you want to go on an Adventure, Clara?" he said. "We are going to have an Adventure".
We drove away in the carriage minutes later, and never went back to the house in Calcutta. Papa took us to such strange places; Peru and the Indies, Siberia and Saigon, and the Land of the Nile. When I was fifteen I visited England for the first time. It was cold, and dirty, and all the plants and trees seemed choked and dead. Then Papa said I was to stay and go to school, and learn to be a lady. I did not want to be a lady, but I think I have learned tolerably well, have I not? *giggles*

What are your worst qualities or vices: your bad habits?
Miss Evesham says I rattle on like a mill loom and have nothing between my ears but air and bonnets and flowers. I do not know if she is right, but Papa always said I chattered like a monkey.

Describe the kind of clothing or dress you prefer, as well as any special quirks you affect as part of that style
My preferred colour is pale blue, but I think I look well enough in pale gold. I detest white, but Miss Evesham thought it the most proper colour for a girl to be presented in. Mama and Papa were too busy to come and choose my dress themselves, and so they entrusted the choice to her. She is sadly outdated and I believe knows as little of the latest modes as if she’d lived in the dark islands of Scotland all her life! Lady Denny intends to take me shopping at the first opportunity. I love bonnets of all kinds, and ribbons and hat trimmings and all sorts of wonderful things! If there are flowers in a bowl in the house I am accustomed to taking one or two to decorate my hat or my hair.

Describe your personality in two words.
Chittish(girly!) and giggly.

Describe your favourite things
Bonnets, ribbons, pretty flowers, and Nepenthes distillatoria, the Ceylon Monkey Cup.

Describe the things you dislike
Rhododendrons. I find them forward and pushing.

What principle do you value most in life?
“Never say you know somewhere until you have eaten its food, lived with its people, felt its soil and touched its soul” – Rupert Stanley, 1868
That is what Papa always says. I say you do not know a place until you know its plants, but he thinks that does not sound quite so impressive.

What is your most treasured possession?
My notebooks. They are in London at this time with a trusted friend. I do hope he is taking care of them!

Who do you value most in the world?
My Papa is the most exciting man on the whole Earth.

Who (or what) is your Nemesis?
I do not think that I am old enough to have a Nemesis yet! When I was young it was Bertie, but I have not seen him since I was four or five years old. Papa sent him a telegram when we arrived in England three years ago, but he has not replied or visited me in this time. I think this very ill-mannered of him, but I am not surprised, given the things people say of him.

What are your alliances?
Mama and Papa, obviously, and Papa’s friends. Most of Papa’s friends are very nice, especially Uncle Dicky. He is not really my uncle, but he has known me since I was small so it is like enough . He visited me at school last year, and took me for tea.  We had four kinds of cake.

Describe your romantic life
Romantic life? *giggles* Don’t be silly!  I am not out yet, so I have met hardly ANYONE worth the noticing! I suppose Wolfgang Denny is quite handsome, but he is only twenty. He’s barely a child! Silly boys and their silly schools and clubs! They bore me so, and never know a camellia from a carnation.

What are your goals in life?
– One social:
I want to be beautiful and fashionable and for everybody to know my name!

One professional:
…. Can you keep a secret? You mustn’t tell anyone, you mustn’t! Do you promise?
My dearest wish is for the publishers to accept my book. They must do. I KNOW it is good! Every plant of every kind that I’ve ever come across, indexed and categorised and with useful lists of properties! And the illustration is far superior to most of the works Papa kept in his trunk. They will accept it, won’t they? And the name of Charles Stanford will be known and recognised throughout the field as the very best author of his kind…

 One Romantic
I do not particularly have any romantic goals. I suppose one day I must marry and bear children, but I have a lot to do before then. I know that Lady Denny will count it a failure if I last the season without a notice in the paper, but I myself shall count it a victory!

What event or action in your life do you most regret?
Having to leave Abraham, my monkey, behind in Madagascar. Mana, my friend there, said that he would be looked after, but I will miss him forever. Papa’s execution was ordered by Queen Ranavalona, a cruel and wicked woman, and we had to be smuggled out of the country in the dead of night. I travelled in an old barrel that had held some kind of spirit and it made me most heartily sick. I am glad that Papa was not tortured for being a Christian though, so I dare say it all balances out.

What event or action in your life are you proudest of?
My finest illustrations ever were of rare orchids in Peru, including a previously unknown species I intend to name Epidendrum Stanleyae.

What have you been doing for the past few years of your life?
I have been at school in England. I do not like England. If you are a girl they do not let you go outside, and cause such a ruckus when you say you simply need to get this specimen from the top of a tree. The dresses are pretty though.


Natural sciences (Botany) [GR]
Education [GD]
Courage [GD]
Perception [GD]
Social Graces [GD]
Fisticuffs [PR]

Additional Development (with your approval)
Fencing [PR] -2

Natural sciences (Botany) [EXC] +2

Final Attributes
Natural sciences (Botany) [EXC]
Education [GD]
Courage [GD]
Perception [GD]
Social Graces [GD]
Fisticuffs [PR]


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