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The Personal Log of Dmitri Yefimovich (coydna)
« on: November 22, 2010, 10:56:15 PM »
What is your Name?
Dmitri Yefimovich

Where were you born and where do you live now?
I was born and raised in Russia, St. Petersburg, and currently I'm spending my self-imposed exile in London.

What do you look like?
Male, 6'3" in height, and weighing roughly 18st. I am in posession of a black beard, with streaks of grey, well-kept and my eyes, while technically brown, are such a dark hue as to almost be black. In my younger days while I still fought in the Tsar's grand armies, I earned the name of 'Young Bear' die to my size and penchant for wrestling. Now, due to recent years of easy living and increasing age, I find my once formidable physique turning to soft flab. My legs are clock work mechanisms, having lost my real ones on the warfront in France fighting the English. While they are a marvelous work of mechanical ingenuity they tend to seize up in the cold and are nowhere near as adept and agile as a healthy pair.

Describe your childhood and general upbringing.
I was born an only child, my mother sadly passing in childbirth. I was raised by my strict, religious father. Descended from a long line of military men devoted to the Tsars, he was a firm believer in the lash as much as he was the Holy Book. Unfortunately, due in no small part to my mother's death, he was also very fond of his drink and so I was mostly left to fend for myself in my younger days both a t home and beyond. When I was twelve I was inducted, at my father's behest, into the Grand Military Academy, where all my male ancestors had also attended. The Academy, while rough on most was no where near as strict as my father's teachings. In some ways I found it easier there than I had at home. I left the top of my class in all subjects bar fencing and politics (a foreboding omen in hindsight). I then joined the military as an officer of the Tsar's 2nd Fusiliers before ascending the ranks quickly.

What are your best qualities?
I am open and honest. I have no skill for politicking and nor do I wish to develop any. Deceit and back-alley deals tarnish a man's honour. I am always polite to ladies from all walks of life, regardless of their station, and I play the role of gentleman very well.

What are your worst qualities or vices: your bad habits?
I am blunt. Hideously so, which has won me few friends. As I have said, I don't involve myself in politics and games of court. This also led to my betrayal on the field in France, fighting the English. My second, always an ambitious man, and my superior conspired to 'remove' my presence form the army after I had embarassed them both during a military tribunal some months before hand.

Describe the kind of clothing or dress you prefer, as well as any special quirks you affect as part of that style.
I am usually seen wearing outdated english military uniforms, cherry red with golden thread bereft of medals. I burned my old Russian uniform and had my medals melted down upon my betrayal and vowed never again to wear those trappings. At home or when not attending formal affairs and meetings, I wear simple tweed suits and linen shirts.

Describe your personality in two words
Honest and loyal

Describe your favourite things
Cigars, facial hair (a man with a well kept beard, is a well kept man), the platonic company of ladies.

Describe the things you dislike
Politics and favouritism, alcohol in all its forms, arrogance.

What principle do you value most in life?
Trust. Without this we are nothing. In thrust we build our loves, our friendships and our camaraderies.

What is your most treasured possession?
A locket of my mother that my father gave to me in one of his more sober moments upon my graduation from the Military Academy when I was 18. Before then I had never seen a photograph of her face.

Who do you value most in the world?
Samson Lowell, son of Dr Jonathan Lowell. Dr Lowell was the man who ministered to me when I was captured by the English in France, and with his aid and friendship I was granted a pardon in return for Russian State secrets. He also helped to teach me English during my time in London, and took me into his family when I had no one. Alas, he was killed in action during the Spanish Civil War while aiding the revolutionaries there.
Since then I have taken to acting as guardian and pat-time paternal figure for his son, Samson, and take a great deal of pleasure in teaching him the fine art of brawling, as well as fine table manners.

Who (or what) is your Nemesis?
Nikolai Markov, my second while I served in France and my betrayer.

What are your alliances?
The Lowell family and the British Military Council as military and strategic consultant.

Describe your romantic life.
Ah, a sore subject. When I lost my legs in France I also lost...this is difficult to put into 'urges'. I sweek only companionship these days, someone with which I spend my twilight years and bore with stories of my mighty military conquests.

What are your goals in life? – One social, One professional, One Romantic
Social - To finally feel accepted in my adopted home.
Professional - To retire from the military and avenge myself upon Nikolai
Romantic - To spend the last of my years with Sarah Lowell, wife of the good Doctor, offering her the same companionship I seek.

What event or action in your life do you most regret?
In some ways, the death of my mother. This has been the driving force of my life in a way, as I always feel some guilt that it was my birth that proved her undoing.

What event or action in your life are you proudest of?
Graduating from The Grand Military Academy. It was the only time I ever saw my father smile at me.

What have you been doing for the past few years of your life?
Acting as a military advisor for the British Council, offering my expertise in all matters, particularly in preparing new defences ashould my homeland attempt another attack across Europa.
I've also been tutoring young Samson in fighting technique, courtly manners and how to smoke cigars. His mother doesn't particularly approve of the latter.

Athletics - Average
Charisma - Average
Comeliness - Poor
Connections - Great
Courage - Good
Education - Average
Exchequer - Great
Fencing - Good
Fisticuffs - Exceptional
Marksmanship - Average
Perception - Good
Performance - Good
Physician - Average
Physique - Good
Social Graces - Average
Sorcery - Poor
Stealth - Poor
Tinkering - Average


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