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What is your Name?
The name? It's D'Ascoyne dear boy. Finlay Harvey Ascoyne D'Ascoyne.

Where were you born and where do you live now?
Well I was born at Chalfont, the old family pile, on the table in the kitchen, or so Mama told me. Apparently I was too eager to join the world to give her time to reach her bed. Home for me these days though would be London, in a reasonably-sized townhouse off Leicester Square. Not as nice as old Chalfont, but with things the way they are between Ethelred and myself I shan't be going back there anytime soon.

What do you look like?
Well, as you can see by my photo, tall, handsome in a certain light and absolutely impeccably dressed!

Describe your childhood and general upbringing
What else is there to say, but that home was a lovely place, that Mama and Papa were the most caring and indulgent of parents and that we had the best of educations. I was a Winchester boy myself, and still proudly have the old school tie in the closet.When your family owns half of Kent you really have little to worry about. After that I joined the family's banking business and made a tidy package, enough to invest for myself and can safely live on those earnings for the rest of my life.

What are your best qualities?
I suppose a certain level of ingenuity would count, as would an unflappable nature that would do anyone proud. But Mama was always most proud of my manners, saying those good manners could get a man anywhere, and they most certainly have.

What are your worst qualities or vices: your bad habits?
Well it has to be said that, like a fair few of my relatives I do posess a certain... superiority? (I do wish to avoid the word arrogance. It implies that you aren't actually superior to those you're looking down upon...) And while I have been persuaded to stop smoking cigars it will be a chilled day in Tartarus before they take my pipe from my hand.

Describe the kind of clothing or dress you prefer, as well as any special quirks you affect as part of that style
Well I always go to Saville Row for my suits. If one has the means then it would be simply criminal not to buy the best. In the country I go for Harris tweeds, with their utter reliability and resistance to briars.

Describe your personality in two words
Impeccably charming.

Describe your favourite things
Well, a good brandy is a delightful thing! But the family home of Chalfont is perhaps my favourite place in all the world. A large country house surrounded by acres of woodland. Sadly my brother Ethelred has forbidden me from entering the grounds due to our family feud and I will have to wait until his death before I will ever see my home again. My new home-from-home is the Diogenes Club, a delightfully quiet place, where all talking is forbidden. An old friend of mine, Lord Greystoke, reccomended it and I first encountered one of my new closest friends, Mycroft Holmes, within its silent halls. 

Describe the things you dislike
I hate to say it but my family really has done much to earn my ire. You see, they really do see themselves as the tops, and hang the rest of the world. Now obviously we are richer and better than most, but that brings about a certain obligation to help those less fortunate. Not that you could get them to admit that. I mean d--- it, you wouldn't be able to get them to understand what you meant! That just really gets my goat...

What principle do you value most in life?
Noblesse oblige. We are blessed by birth so we owe it to others to repay our good fortune with hard work for their benefit.

What is your most treasured possession?
I have the pipe that dear Sarah gave me before she was taken from me.

Who do you value most in the world?
I have several friends, but I would say I value Samuel more than most of them. Samuel was one of the servants at Chalfont who disagreed with the family's decision to pressure Sarah into her choice,and he chose to leave service when I left. He now works for me at the town house, and I doubt he would ever leave my service until old age stops him moving. A reliable man like that is not to be taken lightly.

Who (or what) is your Nemesis?
I hate to say it, but it would have to be my eldest brother, Ethelred. The man is a pig who hasn't had a magnaminous thought in his life. I'm sad to say it was probably grandmama who turned his head. Being the eldest his head was filled from the earliest age with the lineage of the family, stretching back to the Restoration, and he is dedicated to producing an heir. Worse is that the family supports him in this and when they brought the youngest daughter of the Redwood family to Chalfont for a visit and she fell in love with the wrong D'Ascoyne brother, both they and her own family bullied her into accepting Ethelred's proposal instead of mine. It was this action that finally drove the wedge between me and my family. Other than my other brother, Ascoyne, I have not spoken to any of the family in years.

What are your alliances?
Well, the chaps at the Diogenes Club are pretty useful fellows to know. You see Mycroft is a pretty big chap in government circles and uses us at the Diogenes to help him out with important stuff that has to be done quietly. Myself, I generally carry stuff across Europe for him, or act as financier and companion or others' travels. Some of the chaps, like Lord Greystoke and Lord Roxton, are more inclined to get involved in the fisticuffs and shooting, but that's all a bit energetic for me.

Describe your romantic life
Since Sarah was forced into marriage with Ethelred I have had no romantic life. Well, technically not true. I should say that since Ethelred's wedding night I have had no romance in my life. Ethelred always had a unattractive love of the port bottle, and every bride deserves a proper wedding night...

What are your goals in life? – One social, One professional, One Romantic
Socially there is little left to do except wait for Ethelred to die and follow him into the position of Duke of Chalfont. Professionally I would hope that I could start doing more to help old Mycroft. He has mentioned the idea of using me to gather information in the upper circles of Europe, which sounds like it could be exciting. Romantically I only look forward to the day when I can be reunited with Sarah and o... her daughter.

What event or action in your life do you most regret?
More of a lack of action, I'm afraid. I almost persuaded Sarah to run away with me to the smithy at Gretna Green, but sadly we decided to try to persuade our families instead. And you know how well that went.

What event or action in your life are you proudest of?
When Johnny Roxton got involved in a scrape in the Chancellor's Palace in Prussia earlier this year I managed to liberate a hansom cab and came driving in to rescue him as he came running down the steps. It certainly was exciting, fleeing through the midnight streets, the bullets whizzing around us as he fired his custom-made Enfield revolvers back at our pursuers. I'd never done anything like that before and it certainly made me keener to get involved in other Diogenes work.

What have you been doing for the past few years of your life?
Mostly jumping from club to club when I'm in London, the Diogenes, the Reform, the Athenaeum, the Drones. I go out to the country piles of my friends when I'm invited. And I often travel around Europe, sometimes on Diogenes business, sometimes just for the pleasure of it. I visit soirees, balls, the opera and other social gatherings, and enjoy myself though my flirtations are never entirely serious these days. Oh, and then there's the management of the orphanage I fund, which always seems to take up so much of my time, but you can't really complain about such things can you?

Charisma - Great
Athletics - Good
Comliness - Good
Education - Good
Social Graces - Good
Sorcery - Poor

Fencing - Poor (-2)
Fisticuffs - Poor (-2)
Marksmanship - Poor (-2)
Tinkering - Poor (-2)
Connections - Exceptional (+4)
Exchequer - Exceptional (+4)


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