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Gamehole Con Badge Registration is OPEN!
« on: July 02, 2013, 03:39:40 PM »
Badge registration (including the awesome Very Important Gamer or VIG badge) for Gamehole Con 1 is now open. Go to: now to get yours. We have a sweet deal with the hotel $79/night so come for the weekend.

 VIG game registration opens July 15, everyone else can register for games on August 1. We have a solid lineup of games already including some really fun stuff from our special guests. Check it out...

 Event Submission is still underway:
 We have a huge amount of games already approved but we can still take more. We have a generous GM rewards system so think about submitting some games. We are calling on GMs to run RPGs, miniatures, board games and card games.

 What is Gamehole Con?

 Gamehole Con, Nov 1-3, Madison WI

 A premier tabletop gaming event with all-star guests with names like Dungeon Bastard, Mentzer, Ward, Wham, Easley, Page to name but a few. Plus an Unpub ProtoZone event too!

 We hope to se you there!

 GHC Staff


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