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Hey Guys,

Orange County Gaming Group (OCGG) is on it's last day of funding for a project to create custom music, sound effects, and voice overs for
Tabletop Gamers, called the Realmsound Project 2.0. They're funded and are working through their stretch goals.  I'm loving the idea of their custom soundboard app where I can organize and mix all of my audio in particular. Anyway, details below.

Quote from their KS:
"Often using an OST from Lord of the Rings or other great movies just doesn’t quite set the particular setting that the GM is striving for. It’s not easy finding a sorrowful howl of an undead or the ground shaking thunder of a charging orc hoard. Trying to change your voice just a little bit or adding an accent to try to bring some life to those non-player characters gets tiring and falls a bit flat. Everything changes now!  We are the Orange County Gaming Group and we are bringing tabletop gaming to the next level by composing a library of custom made, high quality music, voice overs, and sound effects, made by rockstar talent.  What we have sourced has been unbelievable and has transformed the way we game, but don’t take our word for it….."

Name: The Realmsound Project 2.0
By: The Orange County Gaming Group
Goal: $5,000 (FUNDED!)
Ends: October 8th, 12:57am EDT
What: Professional Custom Music, Sound Effects, and Voice over for Tabletop RPG gamers
Pledges: $5 Thank You, $15 Iron Pack: 9 SFX, $25 Steel Pack: 18 new SFX + All Previous, $30 Copper Pack: 4 Merchant Scripts and 6 Infernal
Language VO scripts + All Previous, $40 Bronze Pack: 3 new VO scripts + All Previous, $50 Silver Pack: 4 Music tracks + All Previous, $60 Gold Pack: 2 New Music tracks + All Previous, $75 Platinum Pack: The Soundboard w/ SFX Stretch Goals 1 + All Previous, $90 Diamond Pack Early Bird: Music and FX Stretch Goals 1 + All Previous, $95 Mithral Early Bird: All Stretch Goals + Previous, $100 Adamantium Pack Early Bird: All Stretch Goals + All Previous, $250+ Party Member: Sponsor your own audio track + All Previous


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