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Lieutenant Maria Del Vecchio, Chief Helmsman
« on: March 15, 2014, 04:38:28 AM »
Maria Del Vecchio
25 year old Human female; Lieutenant, UFP Star Fleet
Chief Helmsman, USS Drake
5,184 experience points, 5 advancements
Starship Officer: Helmsman
Personal Development: Starfleet “Brat”
Professional Development: Flight Control Officer

STR 7 (+0)  AGL* 10 (+2)  INT* 12 (+3)  VIT 6 (+0)  PRS 7 (+0)  PER 8 (+1)
*denotes favored attributes

Reactions and Figured Attributes
Quickness* +4  Savvy: +1  Stamina: +1  Willpower: +3
*denotes favored reaction

Courage: 4  Initiative: +4  Defense: 9 Health: 6
Renown: 6

Species Abilities
Adaptable: From their earliest days, Humans spread across their world and flung themselves out into space, and always seem to thrive in even the harshest conditions.  +2 Quickness.
The Human Spirit: To reflect their unique spirit, drive and versatility, Humans begin the game with +1 Courage.
Skilled: Humans seem to have a broad range of experiences which they can draw upon.  During the personal development step when created the character’s background, Humans gain extra skill picks.  After choosing a package and picking skills, Humans can add +2 skill levels to any one skill, or +1 to two skills.

Command: Subordinate Command.  Subordinates get +1 to one professional skill tests once per game session.
Commendation 1: +1 Renown modifier to social tests made against those who appreciate the significance of the award.
Confident: When she spends 1 Courage in a social test, she gains +5 to the test, rather than the standard +3.
Fit: Gain +1 bonus to all physical tests.
Promotion 2: Lieutenant, +1 to social tests with subordinates.
Thinker: +1 bonus to all academic tests.

Rival: Lt. William Anderson Meriwether V, Chief Helmsman USS Challenger (NCC-1715):  Maria's former classmate at the Academy, the pair compete furiously while in flight control training with Maria barely edging him out to receive the top marks from the Helm System Operations and Advanced Starship Piloting 3000-level course.

Professional Abilities:
Astrogation: While anyone with the proper skill can enter coordinate into a helm station, Conn officers receive extensive training in space navigation.  When the conn makes System Operation (helm) skill tests, he gains an affinity bonus equal to half his Space Sciences skill level, rounded up.

Evasive Maneuvers: The conn bears the responsibility of betting the ship out of danger or maneuvering it into better tactical position.  When required to perform maneuver actions in space combat, she rolls an additional die (3d6), but keeps the two highest rolls.  The rule for rolling double 6’s still applies.

Combat Piloting: The conn trains in countless combat simulations to improve his reflexes and timing while piloting a starship.  When presiding over the helm in combat, the conn can make one additional helm maneuver per round without suffering any additional action penalties. 

Starship Duty (Helm Officer) – Substitutes for all prerequisites for any starship officer elite profession.

Skills: (name, specialties, rank, total bonus)
Administration^ 2 (+5)
Athletics* 3 (+3)
Computer Use^ 4 (+7)
Engineering: Systems (Helm)^ 4 (+7)
Knowledge: Culture (Federation)^ 5 (+8)
Knowledge: History (Italy)^ 4 (+7)
Knowledge: History (Federation)^ 6 (+9)
Knowledge: Politics (Federation)^ 5 (+8)
Knowledge: Specific World (Earth)^ 6 (+9)
Language: Federation Standard^ 6 (+9)
Language: Italian^ 4 (+7)
Ranged Combat: Energy Weapons* 4 (+6)
Repair* 3 (+6)
Science: Space (Astrogation)^ 3 (+6)
Survival* 1 (+2)
System Operation (Helm)* 9 (+12)
Unarmed Combat (Karate)* 4 (+6)
*denotes physical test skills
^denotes academic test skills
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Re: Lieutenant Maria Del Vecchio, Chief Helmsman
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2014, 04:41:05 AM »
Tours of Duty:
Cadet Cruise: USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) 2281 (Freshman year)
Result: Passed with High Honors
Graduated Star Fleet Academy in 2284
Assigned to USS Forrest (NCC-2307), Military mission 2284-2287
OER: Outstanding
Assigned to Department Head School in 2287 (with a few months leave at the end of the year)
Assigned to USS Drake (NCC-1553) 2288-

Born: October 14, 2263, Naples, Italy (Earth).

Height:  1.71 m (5’ 7”)  Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)  Eyes: Brown  Hair: Black

General Description:  Slightly taller than average and slim.  Maria has an olive complexion and long black hair, which she wears up while on duty.  While generally exhibiting a focused, hardworking and strong willed persona, Maria can also be very carrying and passionate.

Born Naples, Italy in 2263, Maria is the only child of Amelio and Rosa Del Vecchio.  As her father was a career Starfleet officer (currently Captain of the USS Belknap), Maria and her mother followed him to a number of postings around the galaxy when she was growing up, but eventually ended up back on Earth for regular periods of time.  An incredibly bright young woman, Maria excelled in school, while also keeping herself physically active.  When she was old enough, it came as little surprise that she was accepted to attend Starfleet Academy.

As she began her time at the academy in 2281, Maria found herself in competition with another equally bright student, one William Anderson Meriwether V, who, like Maria, was focused on flight control training.  Both had sufficiently high marks to qualify for a cadet cruise during their first year at the academy, with Maria achieving the far more prestigious assignment aboard the USS Enterprise.  The pair’s rivalry continued throughout their time at the academy, both graduating near the top of their class and receiving a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade at graduation.

After graduation, Maria was assigned as a helm officer aboard Chandley-class frigate, USS Forrest.  During the first two years of her assignment aboard the Forrest, Maria threw herself into her work, far exceeding the expectations of her superiors.  Not long after the start of her third year on the Forrest, Maria received a transfer to the Department Head school, so she spent the majority of 2287 at the Del Monte Campus of Star Fleet Academy. 

Upon completion of her course work, Maria received a promotion to Lieutenant, and was given a couple months leave at the end of 2287 and she returned home to Naples while awaiting new orders.
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Re: Lieutenant Maria Del Vecchio, Chief Helmsman
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2014, 04:42:03 AM »
Advancement 1: Promotion (LtJG), Commendation, Energy Weapons +1
Advancement 2: Evasive Maneuvers Professional Ability, System Operation +1, Engineering: Systems +1
Advancement 3: Stamina +1, Athletics +1, Unarmed Combat +1
Advancement 4: Department Head School: Command 1, Promotion 2 (Lt), System Operation +1
Advancement 5: Combat Piloting Professional Ability, Administration +1, Systems Operation +1
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Re: Lieutenant Maria Del Vecchio, Chief Helmsman
« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2014, 04:43:08 AM »
(for tracking Courage use in episodes)

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Re: Lieutenant Maria Del Vecchio, Chief Helmsman
« Reply #4 on: March 15, 2014, 04:43:48 AM »
Experience & Career Notes:

Episode 1.7 – “The Old Maroon and Gold” – 520 XP
Episode 1.8 - "The Ship of Ice" - 664 XP

   Appointed Chief Helmsmen, USS Drake
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