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Commander Garav keth Idrani, Andorian Defense Fleet
« on: February 11, 2014, 10:25:03 PM »
Idrani, Garav
28-year-old Andorian male; Uratlol, Andorian Defense Force
Deputy Program Manager for Fleet and Force Security, Farsha Tactical Analysis Center, Andor
10,161 experience points; 10 advancements
Starship Officer; Starship Security Officer

STR 10 (+2)   INT 6 (+0)   AGL* 11 (+2)   VIT 10 (+2)   PRE 4 (+0)   PER* 10 (+2)
* denotes favored attribute

Reactions and Figured Attributes
Quickness*: +2   Savvy: +2   Stamina: +3   Willpower: +4
* denotes favored reaction

Courage: 3   Initiative: +4   Defense: 9   Health: 12 (0)(0)(-1)(-3)(-5)(-7)
Renown: 13 (+/- 2)

Species Abilities
Antennae                                       +2 bonus to tests involving sensation of immediate surroundings (-2 to most tests if antennae lost)
Bonus Edge: High Pain Threshold     Reduce injury effect penalties by 2 (reflected above)
Keth: Idrani                           +1 skill level to Armed Combat: Andorian Traditional Weapons
Redundant Circulation              Ignore TN modifiers for uncomfortable or extreme cold, -1 to Stamina tests against poison

Alert         +2 to all initiative tests (reflected above)
Command 2      pg. 132 PG
Promotion 3      pg. 136 PG
Unyielding      +2 to Willpower (reflected above)


Professional Abilities
Security Ops
             automatically gain one free specialty when acquire Investigate skill, gain +2 bonus when use Investigate skill
Security Protocols
   get bonus to System Operation (Tactical) of half Computer Use bonus rounding up
Physically Fit
             Stamina +1(reflected above), double attribute modifier whenever make Strength or Vitality attribute test or Athletics skill test
   get one additional combat action per round without penalty

Skills (name, specialties, ranks, total bonus)
Administration (Starfleet) 1 (+1), (Armed Combat: Andorian Traditional Weapons (Hrisal) 5 (+7), Athletics (Climb) 4 (+6), Computer Use 3 (+3), Culture (Andorian) 4 (+4), First Aid 3 (+3), History (Andorian) 4 (+4), Inquire (Interrogate) 4 (+4), Investigate (Forensics, Inspect) 3 (+7), Language: Graalen 6 (+6), Language: Federation Standard 4 (+4), Observe (Listen) 3 (+5), Persuade 1 (+1), Ranged Combat: Energy Weapons (Phasers) 6 (+8), Repair 2 (+2), Survival 1 (+3), System Operation (Security Systems, Tactical) 6 (+6), Tactics 4 (+4), Unarmed Combat: Starfleet Self-Defense 2 (+4)
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Re: Uratlol Garav keth Idrani, Andorian Defense Fleet
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2014, 10:26:11 PM »

Garav's father was a member of the Andorian Defense Force, and of course encouraged his son to follow in his footsteps. Garav, however, found that the mission of the Force was too limiting for his tastes. He wanted to see the galaxy, not stay in orbit around Andor for months. He joined Starfleet instead.

He graduated from Starfleet Academy, and his first posting was as a security officer on the USS Penn. His professional conduct and aptitude for the work quickly earned him a promotion. However, he found it difficult to rise further in the ranks and the estimation of his superiors due to his lack of computer skills and limited non-martial skills. Being a stubborn Andorian, he didn't give up, instead working harder to improve his weak areas. Soon, his work paid off and he made Lt., and two years later, he was put in command of the Security Department on the USS Omtala, a transport ship.

In 2285, Garav's career went a decidedly positive direction, as he was assigned as security/weapons officer aboard the refit USS Drake, the last Anton-class. After Captain Bong was medically discharged due to a previously unknown heart condition, Garav was promoted to executive officer of the Drake. This left him in command several times in the following months as Commander Treyva, the ship's commanding officer, was captured twice in that span. Despite his relative lack of command training, Garav did well enough in the captain's absences to be promoted to Lieutenant Commander shortly after the second incident.

In early 2288, Garav finally followed in his father's footsteps and transferred his commission to the Andorian Defense Fleet.


Garav is a fairly typical Andorian: he obeys his superiors to a fault, but if he is asked his opinion, he is not hesitant to voice it. He always attempts to be very proper with others until he gets to know them well, and others sometimes interpret that as indifference, shyness, or hostility. Even when he gets to know a person, if they are his superior, he is still very proper. This behavior is his way of not creating conflict with other crewmembers, and he is rather oblivious to the fact that this behavior sometimes creates conflict on its own.

However, if he feels wronged or betrayed (or that those he regards as keth have been), he seeks revenge swiftly. If that is another Starfleet officer, he is most likely to go through Administrative channels (or his superiors) to have that person punished, though if the offence is great enough, he will challenge them to a duel (not to the death, of course).

Garav is also quite proud of his people's martial heritage and carries his Hrisal with him whenever possible (even on duty, depending on how easy-going his superior is). He is quite good with a blade or a phaser.

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Re: Uratlol Garav keth Idrani, Andorian Defense Fleet
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2014, 10:26:52 PM »
Cadet Cruise

Junior year at Starfleet Academy (2677-78)
Military Mission (Saladin-class destroyer USS Haley)

Tours of Duty

Tour 01:
  Assignment: Military mission (Artemis-class cruiser USS Penn)
  Length: 3 years
  OER: As expected
  Renown: +3 (3 Advancements)

Tour 02:
  Assignment: Transportation mission (Class III tanker USS Omtala)
  Length: 3 years
  OER: As expected
  Renown: +3 (3 Advancements)

Development Packages
Military Brat Personal Development
Basic Security Officer Professional Development

Advancement 1
Promotion 1, Lt. Jr. Grade (2 picks)
Physically Fit Professional Ability (3 picks)

Advancement 2
System Operation +2 (2 picks)
Tactical Specialty for System Operations (1 pick)
Computer Use +2 (2 picks)

Advancement 3
Security Protocols Professional Ability (3 picks)
Unyielding edge (2 picks)

Advancement 4
Promotion 2, Lt. (2 picks)
Inquire +2, (2 pick)
Tactics +1 (1 pick)

Advancement 5
Responsive Professional Ability (3 picks)
Andorian Traditional Weapons +1 (2 picks)

Advancement 6
Energy Weapons +1 (1 pick)
Andorian Traditional Weapons +1 (2 picks)
Command 1 (2 picks)

Advancement 7
Command 2 (2 picks)
(Phasers) specialty for Energy Weapons skill (1 pick)
Investigate +1 (1 pick)
Observe +1 (1 pick)

Advancement 8
Promotion 3, Lt. Commander (2 picks)
Andorian Traditional Weapons +1 (2 picks)
System Operation +1 (1 pick)

Advancement 9
Energy Weapons +1 (1 pick)
First Aid +1 (1 pick)
Administration (2 picks)
Starfleet specialty for Administration (1 pick)

Advancement 10
Persuade +1 (2 picks)
Tactics +1 (1 pick)
Observe +1 (1 pick)
(Listen) specialty for Observe (1 pick)


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