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Ensign Miruku Bong, Shift Helsmman [NPC]
« on: March 21, 2014, 05:42:45 PM »
Bong, Miruku
23-year-old Human female; Ensign, Starfleet
Shift Helmsman/Relief Navigator, USS Drake (NCC-1553)
2,000 experience points; 2 advancement
Starship Officer; Starship Flight Control Officer

STR 7 (0)  INT* 10 (+2)  AGL* 10 (+2)  VIT 8 (+1)  PRE 7 0)  PER 8 (+1)
* denotes favored attribute

Reactions and Figured Attributes
Quickness*: +2   Savvy: +1   Stamina: +1   Willpower: +4
* denotes favored reaction

Courage: 4   Initiative: +2  Defense: 9  Health: 8 (0)(-1)(-3)(-5)(-7)(-9)
Renown: 2 (+/- 0)
(2 Renown gained through Tours of Duty, other 0 Purchased)

Species Abilities
Adaptable       +2 Willpower, reflected above
Human Spirit  +1 Courage, reflected above
Skilled            +2 skill picks during personal development, reflected below

Commendation 1 -- +1 Renown modifier to social tests made against those who appreciate the significance of the award
Fit -- +1 to all physical tests, reflected below


Professional Abilities
Starship Duty -- Flight Control Officer
Natural Navigator -- +4 on Space Science (Astrogation) tests (total +11)
Astrogation -- Add half Space Sciences ranks (round up) to all System Operations (Navigation) tests (total +14)

Skills (name, specialties, ranks, total bonus)
Administration (Federation) 6 (+8), Athletics 2 (+3), Brawling 3 (+6), Computer Use 2 (+4), Culture (Human) 4 (+6), Energy Weapons 2 (+5), Federation Standard Language 6 (+8), Graalen Language 4 (+6), History (Deneva Colony) 4 (+6), Politics (Federation) 4 (+6), Religion (Human) 2 (+4), Repair 4 (+7), Space Science (Astrogation) 5 (+7), Specific World (Deneva Prime) 6 (+8), Sport 2 (+5), System Operation (Navigation) 6 (+9), Systems Engineering (Navigation) 2 (+4)
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Re: Ensign Miruku Bong, Shift Helsmman
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Miruku Bong is the youngest and only surviving child of Star Fleet Captain Gregory Bong. Born on Deneva Colony in 2265, she moved around a lot when she was young, following her father from starbase to starbase throughout the latter part of his Star Fleet career. The family returned to Deneva Prime after the elder Bong's retirement in 2280, and Miruku headed for Star Fleet Academy in 2283.

Her excellent grades and fitness reports allowed her to attend her cadet cruise in her 4th class year, which she passed with ease. Miruku nearly left the Academy and Star Fleet after a pirate attack killed her mother and brother, and severely injured her father; she ultimately stayed, spending much of her free time at her father's hospital bedside until he was released. He got an apartment in San Francisco to be near her, and she found herself helping him rehab on his new prosthetic leg.

Things returned mostly to normal when her father's commission was reinstated at his request, though tragedy nearly struck a second time when he suffered a stroke while on duty aboard USS Drake. He returned to San Francisco to recover, and, once again, Mirku became the dutiful daughter, splitting time between her studies and his care. Her grades reflected the divided attention, though Miruku maintained them sufficiently to pass every course.

Upon graduation from the Academy in 2287, her father, now a senior investigator with the Judge Advocate General's office, arranged her to remain close to him, and she was assigned as a liaison to the Andorian Consulate to Star Fleet. She resented her father's meddling in her career, and itched for the opportunity at shipboard duty; however, she excelled in her duties and was recognized by the ADF for her efforts.

After a year at the consulate, she was rewarded with a posting to her father's last shipboard command, USS Drake, as a helm officer. Though she suspects her father's hand in this posting, too, she's grateful for a chance to prove herself as an officer.
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Re: Ensign Miruku Bong, Shift Helsmman [NPC]
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In-Game Advancements
2. Space Science +1, System Operation +1, Astrogation professional ability


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