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Information Thread
« on: November 27, 2017, 03:49:52 AM »
USS Drake, NCC-1553
Crew Roster
Commanding Officer
Capt. Treyva (Denobulan/male)
played by PGoodman13

Chief Engineer/First Officer
Cmdr. Sorak (Vulcan/male)
played by Dougals

Chief Science Officer
Lt. Cmdr. Tobin Les (Trill/male)
played by Nolmir

Chief Helmsman
Lt. Maria Del Vecchio (Human/female)
Supporting Character

Chief Communications Officer
Lt. Miguel René Carlos Ramirez de Costaluna (Human/male)
Supporting Character

Chief Navigator
Lt. Cathy Chen (Human/female)
Supporting Character

Chief Security/Weapons Officer
Lt. Durham Cole (Human/male)
played by Renny

Chief Surgeon
Lt. Ratz Dourap, MD (Tellarite/male)
played by llashb

Head Nurse
Lt. Casey Kiunya, RN (Human/male)
Supporting Character

Other NPC Crewmembers (rank name, species/gender, notes)
Command Branch
Lt. j.g. Eiko T'Flar, Efrosian/male, Helm (supporting character)
Lt. j.g. Michael Clarke, Human/male, Helm
Lt. j.g. Miruku Bong, Human/female, Helm/Navigation (supporting character)
Chief Specialist Donnie Brown, Human/female, Navigation
Chief Specialist Jalal keth Athrun, Andorian/male, Navigation

Phaser Control
Lt. Maximilian Ritter, Human/male, Phaser Control Officer
Lt. j.g. Addaron, Tellarite/female, assistant phaser control officer
Ensign Katarina Schrepfermann, Human/female, shift phaser control officer (supporting character)

Sciences Branch
Lt. Dan Hodgkins, Human/male, A&A Officer
Lt. Thadis keth Dra, Andorian/male, Astronomer (supporting character)
Lt. j.g. Jacob York, Human/male, Biologist
Ensign V’Las, Vulcan/female, Geologist
Chief Specialist Samuel Tostin, Human/male, Lab Technician
Petty Officer 1st Class Elinor Hughes, Human/female, Lab Technician
Petty Officer 2nd Class Campbell Levi, Human/male, Lab Technician

Lt. Peter Galt, MD, Human/male
Lt. Robin Brown, RN, Human/female
Lt. j.g. Thelma Fernandez, RN, Human/female
Chief Specialist Edrion Kalsi, Efrosian/male (supporting character)
Petty Officer 2nd Class Terris, medic, Vulcan/female

Support Branch
Chief Yeoman Waymire, Human/female, Captain's Yeoman (supporting character)
Yeoman Tremayne, Human/female
Yeoman Zorana, Denobulan/female (supporting character)

Lt. j.g. Qin Ming Ahze, Human/female
Lt. j.g. Vanderfels Portmain, Centauran/male
Senior Chief Specialist Nnamdi, Human/male

Lt. Nikolai Kolesnikov, Human/male (supporting character)
Lt. Sovar, Vulcan/male (supporting character)
Lt. j.g. Orenthal Viktor, Human/male
Lt. j.g. Graan, Tellarite/male
Lt. j.g. Kennedy Hale, Human/female
Senior Chief Specialist Heather Martin, Human/female
Chief Specialist Ma Xue Fang, Human/female
Chief Specialist Nathan Grove, Human /male
Petty Officer 1st Class Shrantha keth Claness, Andorian/female
Petty Officer 1st Class Jeremy Anderson, Human/male
Petty Officer 2nd Class Carole Wise, Human/female
Petty Officer 2nd Class Alan Achison, Human/male

Lt. David Lear, Human/male, Security/Weapons (supporting character)
Lt. j.g. Gerald Fryling, Human/male, Security/Weapons
Ensign Tann-Tyra, Deltan/female, Security/Weapons (supporting character)
Ensign Olodon Anh Sal, Edosian/male, Security/Weapons (supporting character)
Chief Specialist Shawn Morais, Human/male
Chief Specialist Gurwinder Dhall, Human/male
Petty Officer 1st Class Ed Kowalski, Human/male
Petty Officer 1st Class Domonique Mattin, Human/male
Specialist 1st Class Ally Banks, Human/female (supporting character)
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Re: Information Thread
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2017, 04:21:03 AM »
USS Drake, NCC-1553
"A prudent question is one half of wisdom." -- Francis Bacon

USS Drake, NCC-1553
Entered Service: 2258

Communications 7
Computers 8
Engines 8
Sensors 10
Structure 8
Weapons 7

Command 3
Conn 2
Security 2
Engineering 2
Science 4
Medicine 2

CREW SUPPORT 4 (3 + 1 from Costaluna)

Phaser Banks (Medium Range, Damage 6^, Versatile 2)
Photon Torpedoes (Long Range, Damage 5^, High Yield)
Tractor Beam (Strength 2)

Advanced Sensor Suites (When performing a task assisted by the ship's sensors, reduce the Difficulty of the task by 1, minimum of 0)
High Resolution Sensors (When not in combat, any successful task that is assisted by the ship's sensors gains 1 bonus Momentum)

Federation Starship
The Last of Her Kind

Length/Beam/Height: 224/145/51 meters
Complement: 240
wf 6/7/8
2268 refit: +1 Engines (introduced Antiquated Spaceframe trait)
2278 refit: +1 Sensors
2288 refit: +1 Structure (removed Antiquated Spaceframe trait)

USS Drake is the 40th Anton-class light cruiser built for Starfleet at the 40 Eridani Shipyards on Vulcan. She's typical of her fellow Antons, designed for a myriad of missions, from surveying, diplomacy and exploration to defense.

The ship is named for 22nd Century Earth archaeologist Dr. Elias J. Drake, a member of the Earth Arctic Archaeology Team who discovered a mysterious wrecked alien spacecraft on the polar ice cap in 2153. All members of the team went missing and were presumed dead. This is the first Federation starship to bear the name.

The cruiser's first commander was Capt. Gabriel E. J. Drake, her namesake's great-great-grandson. A scientist in his own right, Drake led his ship on two successful multi-year missions (2260-2268), making 12 first contacts and exploring dozens of worlds, before being given a flag appointment to Starfleet's Science Branch.

The Drake's next commander was Cmdr. Saltor, a Vulcan engineer assigned to assess the ship's future. The astute engineer, after a year-long assessment cruise, recommended the cruiser undergo the Mark II (2268) refit. Saltor saw the Drake through her refit and subsequent shakedown before turning command over to veteran commander Capt. Lars Anderssen.

Anderssen guided the Drake through two five-year cruises (2273-2282), which included a brief refit between them, in 2278. During this period, Antons were being retired at high rates in favor of the new Miranda-class cruiser. By the time the ship returned in 2282, she was one of three Anton's left in service.

The ship was assigned to consecutive one-year patrol missions while her fate and the fate of her sister ships were decided. Anderssen retired from Starfleet in 2284 and the ship entered into a yard period to prepare her for decommissioning, but the loss of four Mirandas to mysterious circumstances in the early part of the year and subsequent temporary halting of Miranda production forced Starfleet to keep the Drake in active service "for just a little while longer."

While her sister ships continued to prepare for decommissioning, the Drake's equipment was refurbished, damage was repaired, and the ship was given a new lease on life as the last of her kind.

In 2288, the Drake's engineering team were able to devise a solution to resolve the ship's structural weaknesses at high warp speeds.

The Drake carries two standard Class F shuttlecraft:

Kepler II (NCC-1553/7), Class F
Tesla II (NCC-1553/9), Class F

(Note: Star Trek Adventures starship small craft capacities are significantly different from CODA's. To determine the number of Scale 1 small craft a starship can carry, subtract 1 from the ship's Scale. So, the Drake can only carry two Scale 1 shuttles. (The Extensive Shuttlebays talent doubles this number, and allows a ship to carry Scale 2 small craft, which count as 2 shuttles for the purposes of taking up space.)

The predecessor to the successful Miranda-class cruiser, the Anton was at the forefront of the Federation expansion effort in the 2240s and 50s. Originally designed as a mid-range exploration vessel, the light cruiser performed the more mundane exploratory missions from many of the new starbases that were being built along the frontier.

In the 2260s, Starfleet engineers designed an update the spaceframe's aging torpedo system and warp drive. However, engineers underestimated the frailty of the Anton's reinforced spaceframe, and the nacelles had a tendency to literally shear themselves off the struts under high-speed and high-stress maneuvers. These defects prompted Starfleet to completely redesign the vessel, resulting in the larger Miranda-class cruiser.
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Rank Structure & Uniforms
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2017, 04:49:44 AM »
Late 23rd Century Starfleet Rank Structure

Flag Officers
Fleet Admiral
Vice Admiral
Rear Admiral

Line Officers
(Fleet Captain)
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant, junior grade

Cadet, 1st Class
Cadet, 2nd Class
Cadet, 3rd Class
Cadet, 4th Class

Master Chief Petty Officer
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer
Petty Officer, 1st Class
Petty Officer, 2nd Class
Petty Officer, 3rd Class
Crewman, 1st Class
Crewman, 2nd Class
Crewman, 3rd Class

Starfleet Uniforms
The current Starfleet officer uniform is affectionately called the "Monster Maroons." The main feature is a maroon overtunic, fastened at the right shoulder by a department-colored rank strap. Time in service is noted on a department-colored strap on the left sleeve cuff, just below the officer's rank insignia. A department-colored turtleneck undertunic is worn underneath, and black trousers with a department-colored stripe tucked into black, low-cut boots. Female officers are authorized to wear a skirt instead of trousers.

Enlisted uniforms consist of a maroon and tan jumpsuit with black boots.

The maroon uniform was phased in between 2276-2277, with full implementation completed the following year. This was due to widespread dissatisfaction with the uniform scheme that was introduced in 2270 (and mandated Starfleet-wide in 2272); one officer described it as "The whole thing went from practical and simple to oddly flowing, like a fashion designer drew them up to be 'striking.'" By 2274, Starfleet began to redesign the uniform, which resulted in a radically different scheme that has been widely praised.

Timeline of Starfleet Uniforms
The first two decades of Starfleet saw individual member worlds maintain their national uniforms, even as the fledgling organization quickly adopted a uniform rank scale, based on Earth's Starfleet ranks (including the pip system).

The first true Starfleet uniform was adopted in 2183 (which we'll say is somewhat similar to the Kelvin-era uniforms, but with the Cage-style rank stripes...1 for most officers, 2 for commanding officers, and 3 for fleet captains and commodores, and a broad band for flag officers...and a filled in arrowhead, instead of the outline); this uniform remained in use until the 2245 scheme was adopted.

The Cage-era uniforms were adopted in 2245, created to coincide with the fleet exploration directive and the launching of the highly-anticipated Constitution-class cruiser.

TOS uniforms were introduced in the late 2250s, as a slight redesign of the popular uniforms that were originally introduced in 2245. It is also at this time when individual ship insignias were introduced, replacing the traditional Starfleet arrowhead (which was granted to Christopher Pike and the Enterprise). This practice ended with the adoption of the new 2270 uniform scheme.

TMP uniforms were introduced in 2270, but crews on 5-year missions were allowed to wear the TOS-style uniforms until the end of their missions; however, in 2272, Starfleet mandated the new uniform scheme for all officers and enlists. Dissatisfaction was expressed immediately by officers and enlists alike, with every aspect of the uniform (and the alternate styles) widely panned -- the notable exception to this was the introduction of radiation suits for engineers working near the warp core; that one article would be the only part of the early-70s scheme that would survive redesign.

TWOK and beyond uniforms began to be authorized in 2276, and the majority of units were wearing it by the end of 2277. All units were mandated to switch to the new uniform in 2278 (incidentally, just before USS Bozeman disappeared that year).
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Re: Information Thread
« Reply #3 on: November 27, 2017, 04:50:48 AM »
Federation Merchant Marine

I. Overview

The Federation Merchant Marine is an independent and mostly-autonomous arm of the Federation, directed with providing materiel support to Federation member worlds, colonies and protectorates.

The Merchant Marine is subordinate to the Star Fleet and can be absorbed into the Star Fleet chain of command in times of war, or when directed by the Office of the Federation President or the Federation Council. At all other times, however, the Merchant Marine operates independent of Star Fleet and maintains its own administrative structure.

II. Organization and Structure

A. Merchant Marine

The organization of the Merchant Marine is relatively flat, as most ships operate independently and in their own interests, except when they are on a mission for the Federation.

The head of the Merchant Marine is the Commodore of the Federation Merchant Marine, with headquarters at the Presidio of Monterey, just south of San Francisco, Earth. Merchant Marine Headquarters is staffed by dozens of administrative and logistics personnel, tracking the movements of every Federation-ordered transport mission and liaising with Star Fleet and Federation officials to schedule cargoes.

During peacetime, the Commodore of the Federation Merchant Marine has equivalent authority to a Star Fleet rear admiral. When absorbed into Star Fleet during times of crisis, the commodore is given the Star Fleet rank of Rear Admiral, with all rights, privileges and responsibilities pertaining thereto.

Below the Commodore, “several” Vice Commodores administer the merchant ships in their sectors and manage the logistics of all cargoes traveling through their jurisdiction. The number of vice commodores is not explicitly set, but is generally no fewer than four nor greater than nine. Vice commodores are headquartered in forward areas, often on Federation starbases; they and their staffs work closely with local portmasters to ensure Federation-ordered transport missions are carried out in a timely fashion.

During peacetime, vice commodores have no equivalent Star Fleet authority. When absorbed into Star Fleet during times of crisis, vice commodores are given the Star Fleet rank of Commodore, with all rights, privileges and responsibilities pertaining thereto.

The next and lowest level of organization in the Merchant Marine is the individual merchant ship. These vessels are privately owned, but must be maintained at a certain level to qualify for registration with the Merchant Marine. Such registered ships are authorized to use “S.S.” before their ship’s name.

Ships operate independently and in their own interest most of the time; however, each ship must be available to take Federation-ordered cargoes when requested, and, in times of crisis, accept orders from Star Fleet Command.

B. Shipboard

Aboard a Merchant Marine vessel, the Ship’s Master is the ultimate authority, reporting to the appropriate vice commodore for the region in which the ship is operating. The Chief Officer and Chief Engineer are his primary assistants over shipboard operations and engineering, respectively, with the Chief Steward (2nd Officer in rank) overseeing cargo operations and ship support requirements.

Other licensed officers are ranked mostly by longevity, but are otherwise equivalent in authority under the aforementioned officers. Unlicensed officers, as trainees, have no authority, but mess with their fellow officers. All other crewmembers are “hands,” and are given titles based on their longevity.

In peacetime, the ship’s master has no equivalent rank, and has authority only over his vessel. When absorbed by Star Fleet in times of crisis, a ship’s master has the equivalent authority of the rank of Captain, though he is not granted the rank or any of its privileges.

III. Ranks, Uniforms and Insignia

A. Ranks
Fleet Officers
Commodore of the Federation Merchant Marine
Vice Commodore

Shipboard Officers
Ship’s Master
Chief Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief Steward
2nd Officer, 3rd Officer, 4th Officer, 2nd Engineer, 3rd Engineer, 4th Engineer
Licensed Junior Officer, Licensed Junior Engineer
Junior Officer, Junior Engineer

Shipboard Rates
Boatswain, Technician, Steward, Cook-Steward
Boatswain’s Mate, Technician’s Mate, Assistant Steward, Cook’s Assistant
Able Spacehand, Junior Technical Assistant
Ordinary Spacehand

B. Uniforms

The Federation Merchant Marine has no proscribed uniform. All licensed officers and above are authorized, but not required, to wear a bomber jacket styled similarly to the Star Fleet bomber jacket from the 2280s. The Merchant Marine jacket is copper in color, and does not include rank straps on the left shoulder or left cuff. Commodores and vice commodores wear the jacket only when aboard a Merchant Marine-registered ship.

When absorbed by Star Fleet in times of crisis, the Commodore and all Vice Commodores wear the full Star Fleet uniform proscribed for their wartime rank. The Merchant Marine sextant sits above the rank on the shoulder strap, and forward of the rank on the left sleeve cuff.

C. Insignia

All licensed officers and above are authorized to wear the Merchant Marine sextant pin over the left breast, in the black oval section designated for the service pin. Ship’s Masters are authorized to add a single gold horizontal bar (with four vertical hashes) under the sextant to denote their command status; the Commodore and all Vice Commodores are authorized to wear two parallel gold horizontal bars (with six vertical hashes each) under the sextant to denote their flag-equivalent status.

The Ship’s Master is authorized to create a unique ship's patch for all officers and hands to wear on their outerwear, as desired.
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Re: Information Thread
« Reply #4 on: November 27, 2017, 04:51:35 AM »
Random Important Character Injury Chart
(Using: this bridge layout diagram.)

1. Conn (Treyva)
2. Helm (Del Vecchio or T'Flar)
3. Navigation (Chen or Bong)
4. Defense Systems Monitor Station (crewman)
5. Weapons Control Station (Weapons Sub-System Checkout Station) (Cole or named officer)
6. Navigation Sub-System Checkout Station (Bong or crewman)
7. Library Computer Station (Les or named officer)
8. Communications (Miguel or named crew)
9. Engineering Station (Sorak or Kolesnikov)
10. Environmental Systems Station (crewman)
11. Engineering Sub-System Checkout Station (crewman)
12. Sickbay (Dourap)
13. Sickbay (Casey)
14. Sickbay (named officer)
15. Engineering (Kolesnikov)
16. Engineering (named officer)
17. Phaser Control (named officer)
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Re: Information Thread
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End-2288 Starfleet Strength

Andor* -- launch 2274 (description listed 47 built in total through 2289, so 44 built through the end of 2288, production ends 2289); 4 lost, 40 active
Anton* -- 1 active
Baker* -- launch 2272 (building 7/yr, 104 total (production ends 2293)); 17 lost, 87 active
USS Belknap* -- 1 test ship active
Chandley* -- launch 2272 (building 2/yr through 2286, 27 total, production ended); 5 lost, 22 active
Constellation* -- launch 2284 (building 2/yr, 8 total); 8 active
Constitution* -- (Starfleet limits flagships to a maximum active strength of 12); 12 active
Excelsior* -- launch 2285 (building 1/yr, 3 total); 3 active
Kiev -- launch 2271 (202 through 2288, 4 in 2289, 3 in 2290, 2 each in 2291-2293, 202 total, production ends 2293); 20 lost, 182 active
Loknar -- (production ended, retiring at rate of 3d6 per year, 12 retired in 2288) 65 active
Larson -- out of service by 2283, 0 active
Miranda* -- launch 2274 (building 3/yr, 36 total); 9 lost, 27 active
Nelson -- out of service by mid-2270s, 0 active
Northampton* -- launch 2275 (109 built through 2283, 4/yr since, 157 total); 18 lost, 139 active
Oberth -- launch 2275 (building 6/year, 72 total); 7 lost, 65 active
Remora -- launch 2262, refit 2274 (production ended 2288, 193 built total); 36 lost, 157 active
Thufir -- launch 2268 (built 39 total, production ended 2287); 5 lost, 34 active
Wilkerson -- launch 2274 (building 2 each in 2289, 52 total, production ends in 2290); 5 lost, 47 active
* Denotes Class 1 starship

Total active fleet: 890 ships (340 Class 1 starships)

Note: As of late-2288, the following Constitution-class starships are active:
USS Constitution, NCC-1700; USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-A; USS Endeavour, NCC-1895; USS Hood, NCC-1703; USS Lexington, NCC-1709; USS Potempkin, NCC-1657; USS Republic, NCC-1371; USS Kongo, NCC-1710; USS Merrimac, NCC-1715; USS Ahwahnee, NCC-2048 (newly commissioned); USS Emden, NCC-1856; USS Korolev, NCC-2014 (recently commissioned)

(Notable Constitution-class losses include: USS Constellation, 2267; USS Defiant, 2268, USS Excalibur, 2268; USS Exeter, 2268; USS Intrepid, 2268; USS Eagle, 2269))

Some rules for determining fleet strength:

1. Where the description of the class includes numbers, I went with those numbers (even if I disagree with them now...especially since they were arbitrary).
2. Certain classes have built-in limitations (the Anton & Constitution, specifically).
3. All other classes of ships are built on a #/year schedule
3a. The first year after a class' launch is a shakedown cruise for the class, with no additional ships of the class constructed.
3b. No new ships are constructed the year before, year of, and year after a listed refit.
4. Ship losses are determined first by known information (i.e. the Bozeman, Reliant, and four mysterious Miranda losses listed in the Drake's description), then using a dice mechanic (d6, roll again if 5-6; another 5-6 means a ship is lost -- I'll sometimes use 4-6 on the second roll, if I feel a class is often placed in harm's way or is somehow fragile).
4a. If a rule 1. ship class lists number of active vessels, skip rule 4.

Notes: Several ship classes end production in 2288, 2289, and 2290. I listed the 2293 production ends, but that's an unknown at the moment, since those production runs end as a result of the Khitomer Accords.
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Andorian Defense Force Ranks
« Reply #6 on: February 03, 2019, 01:33:21 AM »
Andorian Defense Force Ranks

These ranks are extrapolated from the known ranks of the Andorian Imperial Guard, which was disbanded and reorganized into the ADF following the foundation of the Federation.

General Officers
Chief of the General Staff and Senior Commanding General of the ADF (only one at this rank)
Commanding General
Senior General

Field and Fleet Officers
Captain (shipboard appointment)

First Lieutenant (only one at this rank for each command)
Flight Lieutenant (shipboard appointment)
Senior Lieutenant

Non-Commissioned Officers
First Sergeant (only one at this rank for each command)
Flight Sergeant (shipboard appointment)
Senior Sergeant

Carabinier or Crewman (shipboard appointment)

Shipboard appointment ranks are for only those ADF personnel permanently assigned to starship duty. Commanders can command ships, but captains are senior to them, as they are dedicated to shipboard duty. A flight lieutenant is always superior to a senior lieutenant, and a flight sergeant is always superior to senior sergeant.

The ranks of first lieutenant and first sergeant are appointments, called first-rank billets, and only apply as long as those personnel remain in such a billet. If they are not promoted to the next higher rank, or transferred to another first-rank billet, they revert to their previous rank. Flight lieutenants and Flight sergeants promoted to a first-rank billet are titled flight first lieutenant and flight first sergeant, respectively.


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