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Note that this will remain to be used as a reference for Miguel's future options.

de Costaluna, Miguel Rene Carlos Ramirez
Lieutenant, Starfleet
Chief Communications Officer, USS Drake (NCC-1553)

26-year-old human male (b. ca. 2262, Terra Nova Colony)

Traits: Human

Control - 10
Daring - 9
Fitness - 8
Insight - 10
Presence - 8
Reason - 11

Command - 2
Conn - 2
Security - 2
Engineering - 5
Science - 4
Medicine - 1



Cryptography, Cultural Studies, Damage Control Coordination, Linguistics, Subspace Communications, Track & Field

In the Nick of Time - Whenever you succeed at an Engineering or Science Task as part of an Extended Task, you score 1 additional Work for every Effect rolled.

Spirit of Discovery - You have the drive, spirit, and courage to voyage into the unknown. You may spend one Determination to add three points to the group Momentum pool. The normal conditions for spending Determination still apply.

Studious - Whenever you spend one or more Momentum to Obtain Information, you may ask one additional questions (in total, not per Momentum spent on Obtain Information).

Supervisor - The ship's Crew Support increases by one.

Languages Are Easy; People Are Hard
Easy to Get Lost In Studies/Work (or, "Down the Rabbit Hole We Merrily Go")
I Can Speak That!
Reliable, Indispensable

Phaser Type 2 (Ranged, 5^, Size 1H, Charge)
Unarmed Attack (Melee, 3^ Knockdown, Size 1H, Non-Lethal)

Miguel Costaluna was born in 2262 on Terra Nova; he was a bookish sort, though physically active as the son of a secondary school gym teacher. Miggy excelled in school, especially linguistics; he originally intended to attend UTN-NI (University of Terra Nova - New Ireland), but a friend convinced him to apply to Starfleet Academy.

The young Costaluna breezed through the academic curriculum, specializing in communications operations. Upon his graduation near the top of his class in 2284, he was selected for the advanced command placement program, a new initiative by Fleet Admiral Morrow to accelerate the advancement of high academic achievers. He completed the one-year program and chose USS Drake (NCC-1553) as his first assignment (against the advice of his detailers), stating that it was "distinctive" to serve on the last ship of a class.

Miguel is young and energetic, though he's yet to master his social skills. He has had difficulty adapting to the idea he's not the smartest person in the room (even with four years of Starfleet Academy and the advanced placement program). When stressed, he retreats into his academic world, looking over his linguistics notes or occasionally manufacturing a language for the "fun of it."
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Species - Human
Environment - Busy Colony (Terra Nova)
Upbringing - Science & Technology
Starfleet Academy - Operations Track
Career - Experienced Officer
Career Event #1 - Learned a Unique Language (Whale Probe Species language, Episode 1.3)
Career Event #2 - First Contact (Theresus AB IV, Episode 1.5)


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