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Author Topic: SLA Industries, 40K RPG (FFG), Scion or NWoD?? :)  (Read 134 times)

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SLA Industries, 40K RPG (FFG), Scion or NWoD?? :)
« on: August 20, 2018, 08:51:35 AM »
Just got back to the site after having drifted away for a couple of years, and I wouldn't mind starting out with being a player for a bit, while working on a bunch of different campaign ideas I have flying around in my head ;)

SLA Industries - my second true love in terms of RPG settings and systems (MERP is the first ;) ). I've played it on/off for the last 18-ish years. When I GM it I tend to downplay the grim horror parts a bit, make everything a bit more fun and light-hearted, so that when the horror elements strike, they seem that much worse...
But I haven't had a chance to be a player for years, and I would love to try that out again :D

I really like the 40K RPGs from FFG, but this far I've only been able to do them as a GM. I am in talk with some guys about starting a face to face Dark Heresy campaign, where I'll get to be player, so that'll be cool if it succeeds :D
I'm currently running a Only War game, where we jump between 3 regiments on different worlds, and in different Crusades. This is to give the players a chance to try different options and have different players be squad leaders, as well as giving me some more freedom in planning adventures, as some might fit better for one squad than another, but I won't be forced to scrap the idea 'cause it doesn't work with the world the players are on or the crusade they're in...
I've also run a Deathwatch campaign, but it kind of died when I had to ask the players to pay so we could keep on playing in our local club...
And I've run a few games of Rogue Trader, but ended it as I found parts of it way to unbalanced...

My priorities for 40K RPG games are as follows:
Black Crusade
Only War
Rogue Trader
Dark Heresy

Scion I've never really had a chance to play - I was going to GM it at one point, but got hit by depression, and it never got started :(
I've got all the books except Ragnarök, and have backed the 2nd edition on KS, as well as have a plan for a Victorian Age Scion game at some point, but right now I'd just love to get a chance to play it ;)

NWoD is one of those systems where I was skeptical at first, having grown up with OWoD, but the more I've looked at it and read the different books, the more I've come to like it.
I've run a few games of Vampire: The Requiem, and shortly been part of a Hunter and a Vampire game on here.
I'd love to try out just about any of the settings, but mainly Mage and Werewolf, as those are the ones I'm having the most problems wrapping my mind properly around in terms of playing them later on...
I'm slowly working on completing my collection of the physical 1st edition books, just to get all the options ;)

So if anyone's up for running one of the above games, or have an open spot in a game, please let me know :D

My rpg-collection on RPGGeek.com