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Lieutenant Durham Cole, Chief Security Officer [2d20]
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Durham Cole

Lieutenant, UFP Starfleet
Chief of Security, U.S.S. Drake, NCC-1553
Operations Department

34 year old Human male

Born: 10th July 2254 (Terran calendar), Brisbane, Australia, Earth

Traits: Human, Prosthetic Knee

Control: 8
Daring: 10
Fitness: 12
Insight: 9
Presence: 9
Reason: 8

Command: 3
Conn: 3
Security: 5
Science: 1
Medicine: 3

Determination: 1
Stress: 17
Reputation: 10

Animal Handling, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Shipboard Tactical Systems, Ground Tactics, Hand Phasers, Meditation

Healthy body, healthy mind
Trust is a commodity to be valued
Go with the gut
The safety of the crew is my top priority


Mean Right Hook
Your Unarmed Strike Attack has the Vicious 1 Damage Effect.

Whenever you attempt a Task to resist being intimidated or
threatened, you may add a bonus d20 to your dice pool.

Quick To Action
REQUIREMENT: Security 3+
During the first round of any combat, you and your allies may
ignore the normal cost to Retain the Initiative

Close Protection
REQUIREMENT: Security 4+
When you make a successful Attack, you may spend one
Momentum to protect a single ally within Close range. The
next Attack against that ally before the start of your next turn
increases in Difficulty by 1.

Chief of Security: Security department only. The chief of security oversees the ship’s security department, and is responsible for ensuring the safety of the ship and crew during missions, for the investigation of disciplinary and criminal matters, and for overseeing the protection of important persons aboard the ship. On many ships, the chief of security operates from the Tactical station on the bridge. When aboard the ship, the chief of security always has the Advantage “Security Detachment”, which represents the ship’s security personnel.

Phaser Type 2 (Ranged, 5 [CD], Size 1H, Charge)
Unarmed Strike (Melee, 3 [CD] Knockdown, Size 1H, Non-lethal)
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Re: Lieutenant Durham Cole, Chief Security Officer [2d20]
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Re: Lieutenant Durham Cole, Chief Security Officer [2d20]
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Durham Cole was born in 2254 in a rural community on the outskirts of Brisbane, Australia. His parents were what might have been unkindly described as "hippies" a couple of centuries earlier. Durham and his two siblings were raised in amongst a community of farmers, who mostly eschewed the technological advances of the 23rd century for a simpler life. He grew fit and strong through the exertions of the farming life without the aid of machinery and despite the lifestyle he was accustomed to, became drawn to the notion of venturing out into the wider galaxy. The wide vistas of the outback could not help but provide him with a love of the stars.

In practicality, however, Durham joined Starfleet for love. His teenage sweetheart broke the news to him that she had been accepted by Starfleet Academy, and his typically straightforward response to this news was to respond that he would apply as well so that they could stay together. It would seem that he had not quite grasped the nature and scope of the organisation he would be joining. His parents, given their outlook on life could not help be supportive, perhaps secretly believing that their sons' naivety would count against him. They were to be disappointed, however, as to the surprise of everyone, he was accepted into the Academy with respectable scores.

Durham's aptitude tests initially suggested that he might follow a career in the medical branch but it soon became clear that he was a better fit for the operations department. Given his physicality, he excelled in martial and physical disciplines, leading several of his Academy sporting teams to victory in the inter cadet competitions in which he participated. He never quite succeeded in getting Australian rules football accepted at the Academy, however.

Durham Cole graduated in the top third of his class in 2276. His initial posting was to Starbase 12. He achieved promotion fairly quickly, having participated in a number of boarding actions while involved in support of the humanitarian relief efforts in the Balen system. It had become apparent to Starfleet that Orion raiders were hijacking supply shipments and Cole seemed to have a knack for picking out the raiders from the legitimate trader vessels.

By 2279, Cole had been billeted aboard the USS Hobart, a light cruiser, with the newly minted rank of Lieutenant, j.g. During his time aboard the Hobart, Cole saw a lot of action along the Klingon border, as skirmishes broke out with frightening regularity. It seemed that the Klingons were using the Hobart's patrol zone as a testing ground for her most eager new captains. During this time, Cole gained valuable experience on the bridge as a third shift tactical officer.

In 2284, Cole had been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and by necessity transferred to a larger ship, the Lexington, where he took on the role of assistant security chief on the newly refitted cruiser. He progressed well in his role and was a popular member of the crew. Three years later, Durham was preparing to take over as Chief Of Security following the transfer out of his superior when fate took a hand. Whilst accompanying a diplomatic team to the surface of Angara VI, the landing party's shuttle was hit by an upper atmosphere energy discharge and the shuttle suffered a catastrophic landing. Three of the passengers were killed outright, and Durham Cole's left leg was nearly severed at the knee. Due to the planet's unique atmospheric properties, it was hours before a rescue team could arrive and by that point, Durham Cole was nearly dead. On return to the ship, normal regenerative techniques were ineffective and Cole had to be fitted with an advanced prosthetic replacement. Due to the need for intensive physiotherapy to adjust to his new limb, Cole was transferred off the Lexington and has spent six months retraining and re-qualifying.

Now Durham Cole is ready for a new challenge. The USS Drake offers him the opportunity to resume his career and prove to himself that he is ready for the role of Chief Security Officer.


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